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Katelynn's Whole 30 Log: Started July 25


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Well here I am on day 4. I started my Whole 30 because I think I have slight auto immunity. I have had several weird health things over my life despite being physically active my whole life. I was a competitive giant slalom skier in Colorado in my teens, I swam in high school, rowed in college, and have been doing crossfit for 4 years. I have had several cavities over my life, a root canal at age 17, a kidney stone that same year, and thyroid cancer at age 22. I have terrible seasonal allergies, treated by two nasal sprays, two pills, and a big ol dose of prednisone. I also get a ton of rashes.


So here I am on day 4 of my whole 30 and here is what I ate:


Breakfast: two fried eggs fried in coconut oil and a bowl of sweet potato and bacon soup from Well Fed 2.


Lunch: A bowl of that same sweet potato soup and a little bowl of zucchini noodles from Well Fed 2.


I feel totally full and not hungry. Tonight it is crossfit football.


I will keep you posted throughout my Whole 30 (I am actually doing a Whole 60) and could sure use some support. The work week is pretty easy but weekends when friends and booze and pizza call are tougher.


Thanks for reading!


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You may feel full, but you are not eating enough to satisfy Whole30 recommendations. Study our meal planning template and eat at least the minimum amount recommended. Under-eating slows your metabolism and you need your metabolism to be humming. 



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I am going strong on day 11 with a breakfast of bulletproof coffee, one wild caught salmon patty from the recipe in Everyday Paleo, two fried eggs, fried in coconut oil, and a sweet potato hash with green onions.


Lunch is a bowl of velvety butternut squash from Well Fed, two smallish burger patties, and sweet potatoes and apples, which were made in the saucepan with ghee, and then the whole thing was baked.

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Day 12:


Breakfast: two eggs fried in coconut oil, sweet potato hash with eggs and sugar free bacon, and a wild caught salmon patty.


Lunch: Wild-caught mahi mahi seared in coconut oil with red pepper flakes, a large helping of velvety butternutsquash from Well Fed 2.


Dinner will be the same as lunch with an avocado.

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