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Camille's Whole 30 Log

Camille P.

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Starting at Day 10--


So again I don't like posting the food too much but I know it's good to do... I think I'm afraid Im eating a lot too...or more than other people. I generally like a lot of food. I'm 5 ft 10 and large framed so I need a lot of food right?(; I want to learn and I want to adapt to this as a lifestyle. This is my 2nd whole 30 as I did it last year and stuck with it plus some additions for a few months until I started trying every Paleohacks baked substitute for cookies and breads and pies over the holidays...anyway it's been an up and down road finding my way to getting on track again. Buuuut I'm ready and it feels different this time. More serious. More aware of changes I want to make. Last year I was doing it largely to help bipolar 2 disorder...which it didn't resolve 100% but definitely helped. I ended up getting on the right medication as well. So now Im coming into it more mentally balanced. I want to change the sugar craving roller coaster (which I can feel changing but today isn't very fun!!!). I also am overweight and want to lose about 25 pounds. I do Crossfit and love exercise but I've had two longstanding injuries that I've been working on and around for a long time...Achilles tendinopathy, shoulder impingement, and now newly plantar fasciitis in my previously good foot! I think the weight gain may be contributing to the plantar fasciiitis. Anyway I know my diet before wasn't helping my body heal. I would say I mostly ate primal but really I just passed on bread and gluten.

Day 10:

M1: 2 c coffee w canned coc milk, 3 scrambled eggs over spinach, tomato, drizzled w olive oil


Workout: Crossfit-Deadlift/Kettlebell/run workout

M2: ate apple and handful macadamia nuts when prepping. Chicken w/ cabbage slaw w/ Paleo spicy almond coconut sauce

Snack: Decaf black tea w/ coc milk
1banana with cashew butter

One more decaf black tea--no milk

M3: flank steak, 1/2 sweet potato w clarified butter and cinnamon, butter lettuce, red onion, toasted pecans w olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Tonight was rough!!! Dinner making time. PMS??? All of a sudden the kids were buggin and this way of eating seemed annoying and I wanted wanted wanted...carby cookie cakes chips toast muffins cereal...! I didn't cave though and decided to sit down and post this and plan ,y workout for tomorrow. Think I will go to bed early though! I'm crabby and tired. Also started new dose of beta blockers two days ago for a recently diagnosed heart condition--long qt syndrome--these can make u tired too...so maybe that's a contributor?? I felt fantastic for a couple of days so I was hoping that would be my new normal!!

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Day 11-


Coffee with coconut milk

Workout: Intervals with Arc Trainer and physical therapy shoulder exercises. Very frustrated today because shoulder hurt when I was doing 3 of the lifting exercises and had to stop those. Left gym bummed at the end, fighting frustration. Hoping shoulder improves and that I will be able to use it without pain and lift weights too!


Went to Sunsplash with the kids today. Saw milkshakes and icees, fries, and burgers, ice cream...stood strong.


M1: Another coffee w/ canned coconut milk (put less in. I'm realizing I'm probably using too much of this). Flank steak w/ 2 fried eggs, orange sweet pepper, fresh basil, parsley, tomato, drizzled with olive oil.


M2: Canned salmon, paleo mayo, capers, raisins, celery, green onions, pinenuts.


Snack: Peach with toasted pecans


M3: Shrimp with clarified butter & garlic over zucchini "noodles", pinenuts, olive oil, cayenne pepper, seasoning.


Decaf black tea with little canned coconut milk


I worked myself into a funk over the shoulder thing at the gym this morning. I think a couple other things were bothering me and I'm not eating to deal with things sooo I'm feeling feelings. This morning I felt sad...sad and tired. I don't feel that way now so thats nice! I think it did me good to be out in the sun and water today. I do feel good about my choices (compared to how I would choose before!)




I'm in a tank top I wouldn't normally wear. I have a way to go but I'm grabbing for some of the tops that were in my definitely don't wear on their own pile.

I feel much better about myself when I wake up in the morning and I don't have any "hungover" feelings.

I feel hopeful for more positive changes--more energy, hopefully body healing more, and dropping more weight. I'm wondering and thinking dropping weight will probably help the foot problems too--plantar fasciitis. Achilles is better right now on other side.

I don't feel as wrapped up in food--in what kind of treat I can get into next.

I feel more excited about fitness and doing reading to help me understand my body and new exercises and getting all lined up right. (Supple Leopard)

I feel happier at the moment! (This morning I did have that bout of sadness and tiredness)

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Day 12:


Pre WO meal: coffee w/ coc. milk, 1/3 handful mac nuts, 1 strip flank steak


WO: Crossfit--running, jumprope, burpees, scaled push ups, 15# muscle snatch & squat clean thruster (shoulder). Fun to do movements I miss even with very light weight. And...HARD! PT exercises


M1: Coffee w/ coc milk, 2 fried eggs, flank steak, cauliflower (weird combo...need to go shopping for veggies), clarified butter


M2: Shrimp with clarified butter, garlic, lemon, & mashed cauliflower w/ clarified butter, cayenne pepper


Snack: (almost made it straight to dinner! This was at 4;45 and I had eaten lunch at 11ish) Apple with almond butter


M3: Spaghetti sauce with ground beef over sauteed cruciferous mix (TJs) and arugula, mixed with some toasted pecans & balsamic vinagrette, olive oil drizzled over it. YUM!!! The only thing is I feel really full! I think I just keep eating even if I'm full. At dinner time I feel fear that when its over, my food is over for the day! No chocolate. No dessert. Mourning my dessert. But I like my routine of tea and posting this after dinner...but I still think about the chocolate.


I do feel bloated today...I think it was the cauliflower...I'm sure tonight's cruciferous mix may add to that. I really like all that stuff.




-Sleeping better! Gosh that is sooo nice.

-Pulled out another workout tank top this morning that I haven't felt good enough to wear for awhile.

-I had fun shopping at Trader Joe's today and looking at all their veggie mixes and prewashed stuff. I love when its in a bag and ready to go!

-I have cut my caffeine intake in half and I keep it to the first part of the day only. This is a big deal (I wonder if it has anything to do with my better sleep...(;) I thought this would be really difficult but it has been okay...and the sleep is wonderful.

-I think my face looks better...less "full" (=



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...but I still think about the chocolate.


I do feel bloated today...I think it was the cauliflower...I'm sure tonight's cruciferous mix may add to that. I really like all that stuff.



Craving chocolate can be a sign of magnesium deficiency - which, if you started adding in a supplement, would also help improve your sleep.

Re the bloating, the cauliflower could be the culprit, and I don't know what your food intake was like in the first 9 days, but you're eating nuts and/or nut butters daily which can often trigger digestive issues. Maybe cut back on those too over the next few days and see how you go... Upping the size of your meals slightly would help remove the need for a snack and so remove the need for the nuts - just a thought!

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Thank you for the input! I just started taking magnesium with calcium at night. I actually craved chocolate less tonight. I didnt snack between lunch and dinner today!! I did have nuts today but less. Gosh I love nuts. Tomorrow I will skip the nuts in the pre WO snack (I read your post later this morning).

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Day 13:

Pre WO: 4 bites flank steak, small partial handful Mac nuts. Coffee w coc milk

WO: 20 mins arc trainer, PT trapezius exercises, PT shoulder exercises w weights. Roll out right side.

M1: coffee w c milk. Spaghetti meat sauce w/ cruciferous veggie mix and some tiny potatoes, 2 fried eggs, drizzle w olive oil

Decaf black tea w coc milk

M2: tuna with Paleo mayo, raw veggie mix, some raisins, slivered almonds, balsamic vinagrette. Couple slices Watermelon

M3: "Best chicken ever" (Melissa Joulwan) w Moroccan olive oil dipping sauce, stir fry veggies. Strawberries & partial banana w slivered almonds.


I can't believe I'm stopping eating after dinner time and that's it for the night! I felt like that was almost impossible and I'm doing it!

Shoulder felt better today.

My cold is gone that I had for like a month!

My husband said I look slimmer today (; I feel slimmer.

I didn't feel like I needed a nap today. Gosh I just realized that. I went through the whole day with pretty consistent energy from 5am on and even went to the water slides with the family tonight and didn't feel like I needed to lay down for a nap!

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Day 14

Pre WO: small piece chicken. Coffee w coc milk

WO: Crossfit-running, deadlifts, scaled toes to "barbell", 15# PP, banded pull-ups, step ups

M1: chicken sausage, some tiny potatoes, spinach, green onions cooked in olive oil. Salsa. 1/2 banana. Coffee w coc milk.

M2: chicken, greens, guacamole, salsa. Kombucha

Decaf Tea w coc milk

M3: spaghetti meat sauce over mushrooms and zucchini with some pine nuts drizzled with olive oil. Right after, strawberries and part of a banana with slivered almonds.

Sooo, I was actually noticing how much I didn't feel bloated today UNTIL after dinner. (Also that time of the month struck, but could be the nuts??...I hope not! Oh how I love nuts)


Capris felt baggy today!!

My kids commented that I have more energy (that they don't see me taking as many naps!...although I did take one today. Only 6 1/2 hrs sleep last night)

I don't have that foggy groggy feeling

Made Paleo bbq sauce from day 5 whole 30 email. Tastes yummy and now I have a lot of sauce on hand.

I can't believe I didn't snack between lunch and dinner again and that I finished eating after dinner and I was done for the night! That is an incredible feat!

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Day 15

Timing was weird on meals today as I slept in later than usual and worked out later than usual. Ahhhh, Saturdays.

Pre WO: chicken breast with Moroccan dipping sauce (Joulwan).2 coffee w coc milk.

WO: 20-arc trainer intervals, rolling out with roller and lacrosse ball, stretching, trap activation exercises, shoulders-PT lifting

M1: 2 chicken sausage, green pepper, green onions, sundries tomatoes, pinenuts (approx tablespoon). 2 small sweet potatoes w clarified butter and cinnamon. Decaf black tea w coc milk.

M2: tuna w Paleo mayo, chopped veggies, raisins

M3: (went on date w hubby--packed my food and we ate outside at a walk up and order restaurant. He had his pizza and I had my whole 30 dinner. It was good!!....and we went to ice cream shop and he had ice cream and I had a banana with cashew butter I brought!!)

Pork ribs w Paleo bbq sauce (from day 5 whole 30 email), big salad w tomatoes, red onion and slivered almonds and oil and balsamic.

Kombucha...banana w cashew butter

Still keeping an eye on nuts with bloating. Trying to vary it so I don't just gravitate toward the nuts all the time. Did have them today. I felt like I wanted the. At dinner and "dessert" with randy so I would be happy with what I was eating. Feel good about today.


Mixed it up on our date tonight. Instead of revolving it around food, we walked on a trail after dinner and got a couples massage. So nice!!!

I'm enjoying all the healthy food Im eating. And I'm shocked to say that fruit actually tastes like a treat to me right now!

Sleep!!! I can't say enough how much I'm enjoying my good night's sleep every night.

I didn't take a nap today nor did I even feel like I needed one!!!

My shorts were baggy today.

Feels good to be going to bed feeling good about my choices and having had fun on our date without overeating appetizers and all kinds of carby deliciousness or plowing into sweets. And I really did enjoy my salad and ribs while Randy had his pizza. I felt like I could enjoy our date more because I wasn't obsessing on the food we were eating or were going to eat...and it got us to go try something new for a date....walking on the trail.

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Day 16

My sister came to visit today and with hanging out with her and the kids watching movies and swimming I was more tempted to snack than I have felt as they were having popcorn and ice cream sandwiches. I overdid snacks and nuts and fruits today.

Rest Day: rolled out and did trap activation exercises

M1: handful Mac nuts, 2 eggs, pork ribs, spinach and mixed veggies. 2 cups coffee w coc milk

M2: tuna salad with Paleo mayo, spinach and parsley, arugula, red onion, raisins, toasted pecans,'balsamic

Snacks: had a few handfuls of macadamia nuts and some dried mangos

M3: baked chicken, sweet potato w clarified butter, broccoli. Banana with cinnamon and toasted almonds

I feel good about the day except for the extra snacking. I think I could have eaten more earlier in the day...but that time watching the movie was tempting and I felt better having nuts and mangoes than popcorn! I just want to stay on track. It's been going so well and I've been feeling so good.

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Day 17


Up early--at 5am

Pre WO: Macadamia nuts, coffee w coc milk, chicken drumstick.


WO: Deadlifts, squats, double-unders & singles. (DUs frustrating. Have to re-learn them...plantar fasciitis acting up since workout)


M1:Grabbed coffee w/ coc milk and chicken drumstick right when I got home. Left and went to store and came back to have rest of breakfast.

some pork ribs cut off bone, 2 eggs, (i actually forgot I had already had that drumstick so probly ate too much protein), peppers, onions, tiny potatoes, cooked in coconut oil.


M2: Ate super late...like 3pm. Grabbed some mac nuts at 2ish. Shrimp dipped in clarified butter w garlic and lemon. Kale salad with olive oil & balsamic. Decaf coffee w coc milk.


M3: Ribeye (YUM!!!), broccoli, clarified butter. Peach.


Did feel bloated today (that time of the month too)...maybe nuts. They are so easy to just grab.



I got up early today and had energy through the entire day all the way until now--9pm!!

Took a mobility class tonight at my gym and learned a stretch that gets the spot I've been trying to stretch in my arm and shoulder!

I'm feeling more comfortable with how I'm eating. I really like how good I feel.

I feel so FREE from sugar addiction. Thank God. I want to STAY here!

Went shopping at Costco and I have a freezer full of meat and a fridge full of veggies.

Tonight I am THANKFUL.

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Day 18

Pre WO: coffee w coc milk, few bites ribeye

WO: Bike, PT lifts, trap exercises

M1: coffee w coc milk,2 fried eggs, ribeye, sweet potato, stir fry veggies

M2: Ribeye, kale salad w 1/2 apple, slivered almonds, olive oil and balsamic

Snack: handful macadamia nuts. Decaf coffee w coc milk

M3: ate while I was cooking-several pieces of the fried fish. Fried fish "tacos"-- Dover sole battered with mixture of coconut flour and tapioca starch and seasonings cooked in extra light olive oil, guacamole with some Paleo mayo--had the fish with guac over kale salad.

Felt full after dinner. I ate a good amount of fish. And it did taste pretty wonderful being battered and cooked in oil. Got this off a Paleo site and read battered is ok on whole thirty. Hopefully it isn't SWYPO.

Shoulder hurts tonight. Bummer. And both feet feel jacked after trying to do those double unders yesterday. Those may not be such a good thing for me anymore. Hoping a good nights sleep will help my aching body feel rejuvenated.

Positives: feeling pretty happy!

Went through some of Audrey's clothes w her today. Productive.

Learning experience--how my feet feel after double unders yesterday. probably won't do those again soon.but, there are lots of other exercises I CAN do.

Felt pretty good in my shirt and shorts today. Way less self conscious about my midsection.

I got new workout shoes and I like them-they feel good.

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Day 19...worst mood ever

Woke up hobbling from plantar fasciitis pain (double unders were NOT a good idea)...shoulder hurt. Ugh what even aggravated it? Frustrated. I was cranky and irritable today...yesterday I was in a fantastic mood. Glad it's bedtime!

M1:2 cups coffee w coc milk. Leftover fish with 2 fried eggs and Paleo mayo w mustard and lemon (like a hollandaise sort of) over sautéed veggies.

Workout: Crossfit-light power cleans (35#), air dyne, sprints on rower--30 min workout

M2: kombucha. steak salad w ribeye, mixed greens, red onion, 1/2 apple, almonds, balsamic and evoo. Strawberries and bananas w pecans

Snack: Handful Mac nuts, decaf tea w coc milk

M3: 2 chicken thighs, big bowl homemade sweet potato soup garnished w pinenuts. 2/3 banana w cashew butter


Pants are still baggier today even after freshly washed.

Had a good conversation with friend Mary at the gym and she was encouraging about perspective on working out wisely while rehabbing shoulder and now both feet.

I got to workout and I did push it on the rower which felt good.

Making new friends.

Even with a bad day I didn't turn to food! I enjoyed the food I ate and may have eaten one ,ore snack of nuts than I needed to but overall I feel good that I stayed on course even with a crabby cranky day.

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Day 20

Thank God I felt better today than yesterday!

Upon awakening, before gym: Coffee w coc milk & Mac nuts

Light WO day: warm up, stretch, trap exercises, PT lifts, roll out

M1: fish taco plate, fish over peppers and zucchini, guacamole with a whole avocado. Coffee w coc milk

M2: 2 boneless chick thighs, mixed greens, 1 apple, pecans, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Kombucha. Banana w cashew butter

M3: I ate out at a restaurant for the first time on whole 30! Went to Yardhouse. Ordered a house salad with oil and vinegar, no cheese, no croutons. It came with corn on it but I didn't eat the corn. 2 carne asada street tacos served in lettuce w just steak, guac, pico.

At home after had family over and watched debate. They had chocolate or ice cream. I had peaches with cinnamon and almonds on top and decaf with coc milk. Felt good about that.

Gotta go to bed! Need to get up early! 10 more days til I weigh. Is that bad I'm thinking about that? I'm definitely curious, my pants are looser. I have a ways to go but I can tell my body has changed. My plan is to weigh and to keep going for another thirty days. I don't want to do any re introductions until I reach my goal weight and feel solid as far as cravings and overall health.

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Day 21

Pre WO: A few bites steak. Coffe w coc milk

WO: Crossfit: running, clean and jerks, snatch, thrusters, pull-ups (15# training bar and thick band for pu's)

M1: coffee w coc milk. Eggs and steak, served over cooked kale veggie mix. Olive oil

Handful Mac nuts & kombucha

M2: fish, mixed raw veggies. Clarified butter w garlic and lemon. 1/4 banana w cashew butter

M3: fish with cooked veggies. Clarified butter w lemon and garlic. (Had a lot of garlic today. Watch out!)

Fruit salad w/ toasted pecans (went to a dessert gathering and this is what I Had) felt good about that(:

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Day 22!

Coffe w coc milk

WO: Easy day. Warm up, trap activation exercises, PT shoulder lifts, roller and lacrosse ball

M1: coffee w coc milk. Chicken sausage w cooked veggies and Paleo bbq sauce

Handful Mac nuts

M2: small serving fish with Paleo mayo. Salad with chicken sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and red wine vinagrette. Handful Mac nuts

Snack: banana with cashew butter and decaf tea w coc milk

M3: came home from friends 40th bday party and didn't eat there--focused on hanging with my friends. At home after, i.had shredded beef with guac over coleslaw veggie mix. Kombucha

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Day 23

M1: 2 coffee w coc milk, shredded beef, eggs, cooked veggies. Mac nuts & 2/3 banana

M2: Mac nuts while putting groceries away. Chicken salad with coleslaw veggies, cashews, orange vinaigrette mixed w some Paleo mayo, orange pieces, red onion.

Decaf tea w coc milk

M3: 2 burgers, Paleo ranch, red onions, pickles, red cabbage and broccoli slaw

Going to bed. My husband is next to me looking up cheese fries at In n Out and Neopolitan milkshakes and quesadilla wrapped burritos. Aye. I am not swayed.(;

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M1: burger w Paleo ranch and broccoli slaw. 2 coffee w coc milk

WO: Shoulder mobility. CF: squats, weighted lunges, air dyne

Post WO: 2 carrots, small chicken thigh. Kombucha

M2: sweet potato soup, tuna w 1/2 apple and Paleo mayo

Snack: couldn't eat dinner til after 7 so at about 5:30ish had banana w cashew butter

M3: ribs w Paleo bbq sauce, 1 1/2 artichokes w clarified butter and Paleo mayo

Decaf tea w coc milk

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Day 25

Pre WO: Mac nuts. Coffee w coc milk

WO: 20 mins arc trainer. T-spine exercises, lots of rolling out. Shoulder pain

M1: coffee w coc milk, sweet potato soup, 2 fried eggs over arugula w tomato and avocado & olive oil

M2: broken up in 2 parts (weird--on the go) 2 chicken thighs, apple. Then an artichoke w clarified butter and Paleo mayo.

Snack: Decaf tea w coc milk, banana w cashew butter

M3: ribs w Paleo bbq sauce, broccoli slaw with olive oil and seasoning. Kombucha


Jeans are baggy.

It's Day 25!!

I feel less hungry (I didn't know that was possible!)

No bloating at all today. Overall less bloated except felt bloated yesterday afternoon.

I feel much more comfortable in my body.

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Day 27

I've decided when this 30 days is up, I will weigh in, check in with where I am and set my next goals and continue on for a whole 60. I feel good and I want to break my craving/guilt cycle for good and live free!

M1: coffee w coc milk, Mac nuts, Paleo chili

WO: arc trainer, deadlifts, weighted sit ups, PT

Post WO: cup of sweet pot soup. Coffee w coc milk

M2: tuna w cabbage slaw, apples, raisins, red onion, almonds, Paleo mayo, balsamic

Snack: banana w cashew butter--I guess I'm getting these snacks back in here. I've felt really full after meals but then still felt hungry for a snack around 4:00.

M3: sweet potato soup, citrus orange chicken (it starts with food), broccoli w clarified butter. Couple pieces pineapple


I still can't believe I'm finishing dinner and a little fruit right after and have been done eating. For a number of nights now I seriously really don't eat for several hours before bed. I think that's amazing. Eating after dinner felt like something I just HAD to do before.

Day 27!

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Day 28

M1: coffee w coc milk. Paleo meatloaf, fried egg, spinach, clarified butter

WO: CrossFit chipper, modified--push ups, sit-ups, power cleans, Airdyne

Post WO/lunch: sweet potato soup, meatloaf, broccoli, clarified butter


Snack: (road trip to Bay Area) dried mangoes, dried apples

M3: out to dinner at Outback. I brought my own dressing in my purse. It worked great! I don't think anyone really noticed much. Got house salad w no croutons or cheese and put my vinaigrette on it. Then gd lamb without the wine sauce and asked them not to put butter on it or anything, side of double seasonal veggies no butter. And put the rest of my vinaigrette on the veggies. It was good!

Apple w almond butter (while my husband had chocolate)

Im going to weigh in 3 days. What if I only lost 2 lbs? I definitely feel better and my jeans are baggy but I don't yet fit into my smaller jeans that are in a pile in my closet.


Stuck to my guns even when we went out to eat while on a mipni vacation!!

Fruit is tasting more like a treat. Everything tastes better.

More energy!! I was driving this afternoon at why is usually my most tired time of day and I felt good and not tired!

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Oops forgot to write down food for Day 28 & 29. I did it though! We were traveling and I stuck to it which feels good!


And today is Day 30. I did my 2 sheets from the Whole 30 Daily Emails. Here is the first one:


Its Day 30! I'm posting my "After Action Report" from the Whole 30 Daily Email from yesterday. I'm not a bullet point kind of person so its a little long. Very helpful for me to do this exercise!!!


Whole 30-1st 30 Days After Action Report



I stuck to the Whole 30 foods 100% for 30 days! I was in such a rut before I started and doubted my ability to follow through and I did it!! I went on two dates with my husband, which has been a trigger in the past to indulge. The first time we ate outside at a casual restaurant and it was no big deal for me to bring my own healthy dinner. Then we went to an ice cream shop and I had my banana with cashew butter. We did more fun activities together, like walking on a trail and getting a couples’ massage, rather than just eating. Last night we went to a nicer Mexican restaurant and I ate before we went and had club soda with lime while we were there. I was able to enjoy the ambiance and connecting with my husband. Twice we went out with other family members and I ordered off the menu successfully (I did bring my own dressing once which was a good call as it made everything taste better!).


I brought my caffeine intake down by half! This is another thing I didn’t think I could do. I had 4 (big) cups of coffee and black tea before I did the Whole 30 and brought it down to 2 large cups of coffee early in the day, before 12 or 1. My sleep has been completely different than before I started. I now fall asleep at night and stay asleep!


Also, most every night of my Whole 30 I stopped eating right after dinner and that was it! This, I also thought was impossible but I did it and it wasn’t awful. I feel better now not going to bed full and not feeling drawn to the pantry all night. Ive been able to relax in the evenings without food. Who knew!? And I love how it makes me feel when I wake up the next morning. Much cleaner, not bloated or weighed down.


I didn’t eat to deal with my emotions, which was extremely difficult the first 11-12 days.  This habit, I still want to become more ingrained. Again though, this was something I did so regularly before the Whole 30 that I didn’t know I could do anything else. I feel really happy about this. It feels so much more healthy!






I could have leaned on nuts less. I think I ate too much fat and snacked on nuts/nut butter more than I needed to. Also, I probably could have paid more attention to portion sizes. It has been a process gauging how much to eat at each meal so I’m not hungry for snacks in between but sometimes I know I ate more protein/fat than I needed to at a given meal.




I have already decided to go another 30 days. I have weight to lose, and a long term habit of emotional eating and sugar addiction to break and I want it BROKEN! Also, I have some tendonitis in my Achilles and bicep, plantar fasciitis in the other foot, and shoulder impingement. These problems have been long-standing. Along with my PT exercises and modified workouts I want to keep the best nutrition possible to aid my body in healing these stubborn injuries. I also have Bipolar 2 Disorder with anxiety and this way of eating really helps manage it (along with medication which I discovered I do need…ie. I wont be one of those stories where I magically drop my meds. Discovered that last year after trying Paleo alone to manage symptoms. I am a unique snowflake, right!). BUT, the nutrition of the Whole 30 provides a baseline of stability that is very helpful for managing my moods.


Also, I will focus on mobility/PT exercises at least 15 minutes a day each day, adding in foot/heel work in addition to shoulder. I would like to be able to resume running over time.


One more thing is I will compile recipes I’m discovering and liking into a binder so I don’t have to re-look them up every time! And I will keep trying new recipes. I want to mix up how I cook veggies and try new things with them.


I love where I am compared to where I was 30 days ago and I want to continue on this much better path!

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Day 30-  Goal-Evaluation



How’d I do?


I achieved everything I wanted and then some!


I stuck to Whole 30 foods only for the past 30 days. I feel really good about this choice and I am going to continue going for another 30 days. I will weigh in tomorrow, Day 1 of my next whole 30 (continuing because of wanting to lose weight, kick sugar cravings for good, and continue to stabilize my moods, and help heal tendonitis and athletic injuries). The benefits I’ve experienced have been good sleep every night! I was struggling nightly to sleep before the Whole 30 and was exhausted during the day. I’m sleeping every night now and have energy during the day. I used to regularly need naps and mostly I don’t now. My face is less bloated and I like myself in pictures better. I am less consumed by food and more able to focus on the people I’m with rather than what I’m going to eat next. I feel more motivated in the rest of my life—with doing my physical therapy exercises and workouts, with tackling housekeeping and looking at new routines for staying on top of things at home. Its given me a fresh view on my life and filled me with inspiration for living my best life. I’m less self conscious in my clothes. I still have a way to go, but I can feel a big difference and my husband notices too.




I achieved some, but not all. I did work out 5-6 days per week, some of those days just being physical therapy. I was very diligent with my PT exercises and adding in mobility, especially for shoulder. I would like to focus on feet as well-achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis so that I will be able to integrate running back in. I did worsen injuries a couple of times with feet. Tried double unders one day during a workout. I only did 90 in the workout, but hadn’t done them in a long time and my form was bad and it annihilated my feet. Haven’t recovered from that. Before that I was making steady progress. I want to be patient with recovery process and not push it as soon as I’m not actively hurting…give myself some buffer time. And to continue to take care of my calves and feet in addition to shoulder.




I achieved some but not all. Many days I had my time in the backyard first thing, which I loved. And I did pray about the Whole 30 process a lot. Just not every day like my goal was.


Overall, I feel really good about this last 30 days and I’m so glad I made the choice to do it. I will start again tomorrow and set new goals then! I am scared to weigh in. I hope I didn’t only lose like 2 pounds or something. I feel lighter and can tell I look less bloated and healthier but I can’t tell how much weight I’ve lose. Its still hard for me to look in the mirror and not focus on my stomach (the area I hold onto weight the most).


But this helps—writing about what has gone well and what I have accomplished!


Overall positives I’ve experienced last 30 days:


Sleep better

More energy & less naps

Less cravings for sugar

Not eating before bedtime

Not being mentally as consumed with food

Feeling more in control of my eating and less like food is controlling me

Feel happier most of the time

Feel motivated in the rest of my life

Better moods overall

More motivated in workout routine

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