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A few days ago I posted on feeling a bit sick from all this protein but had no replies

I am finding that I often feel a bit sick and have indigestion after eating.

I am on day 24 and still struggling ,I don't have much of an appetite

Is this my carb addiction or is my body just not use to so much protein

I have always eaten what I thought was a healthy diet but it consisted of mainly bread and cereals.

Would love to hear from others.

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Your body may still be adjusting to digesting a higher protein and fat diet. You might benefit from taking an aid like Now Foods Super Enzymes or drinking kombucha tea like G.T. Dave's that includes probiotics and enzymes. With a little help, your body may feel better.

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I'm sorry you are suffering, stomach ailments are the worst!

I also get really bad stomach aches, especially at night, if I don't have some sort of carb in my meal and eat too much's been a problem for me for a long time. It's worse at night because of the build up of acid all day. Doctors have put me on medication to lower stomach acid but I find just adding some carb to my meal works much better without drugs, so I always have some kind of "base" with my meals. During whole 30, it's a big sweet potato, bananas, apples or pears. Sometimes just a few peaches, nectarines or watermelon for dessert. It works for my stomach, it's great for my energy and sugar cravings as well, and I rarely get stomach aches anymore...maybe this could help you! Good luck!

PS: Doctors have also told me to quit coffee but I'm not willing to do that especially since my carb routine works so well...if you drink coffee and are willing to quit you could try that. To me, it seems unrelated and a terrible punishment :)

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Hi SarahG -

I will agree with what Tom said. If you've been used to eating a low protein diet your body may need more time to adjust to the levels of acids and enzymes it needs to break down and use this new amount of protein. I would recommend some sort of digestive aid in the form of natural probiotic foods (kombucha, fermented veggies, etc) or even an enzyme supplement.

Hope this helps you!

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