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C and C does whole30 blog :)


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Hi y'all :) started whole 30 here a couple days ago and decided in order to keep myself accountable I've made a blog to document the whole process..food/WoD/recipes/useful info and everything in between. I love to cook, photograph and be active, so this blog is sort of combining all my passion into one spot ^_^ hope you guys enjoy and wish me luck on this journey!  :lol:





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Oh wow 30 days flew by and my fiance and I finished the whole30 :) Not gonna lie there were days that was rough and I spent SO MUCH time cooking/prepping/cleaning in the kitchen..but I think in the end it was well worth it! I've kept the blog updated with recipes I tried and took lots of photos to keep ourselves accountable. 


Heres a quick recap :)

  • we finished a jar of ghee (before this we rarely touch butter)
  • All 5 bags of nuts bought in the beginning were eaten!
  • 12 Rxbars were consumed, no Larabars were harmed
  • Coconut butter is the bomb! Especially with bananas and cinnamon. Or just smothered on top of a baked sweet potatoe
  • Plain fruits are dessert! 
  • A flat of eggs (30+) never lasted a week for the TWO of us
  • Our dishwasher had a hard time keeping up with all the additional grease/fat in our meals  :D 
  • salt and fat = massive flavors! 
  • Instant pot is the AWESOME
  • “I love doing dishes” - says no one ever
  • Kombucha OD is real ...stomach did not agree with all that probiotics  :wacko: 

wanna say thank you to the community for the countless amount of infos/recipes/inspirations. We'll continue to follow the whole30 template at home now that I totally leveled up on cooking!










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