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June 29th Start Date Ladies


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Well, ladies. My first reintroduction was dairy. The husband and I are still down in Mexico and there's this fantastic pizza place down here (go figure!) that he wanted to visit before we left, but everything they serve has dairy, even the salads, so without diary, you'd basically have a pile of greens. 


M1: yogurt, starwberries, cucumber slices with cream cheese, 2 hb eggs with homemade mayo and mustard, coffee with coconut cream

M2: salad with romaine, tomato, avocado, salami, monterey jack, and italian dressing

M3: caprese salad, a couple of appetizer cheese cubes, green olive stuffed with garlic and jalapeno, berries and whipped cream, and coffee


Ooooeee! The digestion issues! After meals 1 and 2, I terrible stomach upset, with sneezing added in after meal 2. After meal 3, I had no issues other than I couldn't fall asleep. I got maybe a few solid hours throughout the night, so I'm extremely cranky. I also had worse morning breath than usual.


As far as the stomach issues go, I also had them on the last day of Whole30, so they could be partially due to something else and not strictly dairy. For this reason, I'm going to reintroduce dairy again on a different day to see if anything changes.

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