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So I did the thing.... (about a plateau)

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Hi everyone! 


So it is my first post, my first whole 30, my first attempt at any kind of diet modification in 2015. 


I started my first whole 30 = 14 days ago exactly. A friend suggested it would help with allergies of all things. I am one of those people who have such a hard time with other diets and am not a huge fan of cooking. But to my surprise, I've been steady and strict on my whole 30 this entire time!! I haven't cheated once (that I know of). I cook all my meals at home and check every single ingredient. 


But I did the thing...I weighed myself. I've been weighing every day on whole 30. And to start it was really a great motivator. I was losing a pound a day, and was so excited that it kept me going strong. The problem is after 7 days I stopped losing - even an ounce. My scale goes up, then back to the original 7 i lost, but wont go past that point. 


Question is, what am I doing wrong? 


The first 7 days were a breeze, I didn't have any allergy problems whatsoever. The last week has been okay, but allergies have been back with a vengeance for two different days. So I'm wondering what has changed. 


I've been eating pretty much the same thing since I began a version of chicken and veggies or turkey and veggies or eggs for every meal. 


I am so excited about my whole 30 but am curious to know - am I doing something wrong i  week 2? Can I correct it for 3 and 4?


Thanks everyone!


(side note, i've been increasing exercise for the past few days since i've noticed that change, in case anyone was wondering, and still have weight to lose!) ;)

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Question is, what am I doing wrong? 


Start with the Whole 30 Program Rules...3rd one over on the top bar.  Those will help you a great deal.  I think you're missing the good dietary fats.   Hopping on the scales every day is against the Whole 30 rules. So you'll want to refrain for the rest of your weeks.  


You can post your food here for additional guidance or start a personal food log.  Check out the Whole 30 Shopping List and other downloads under the Whole 30 banner/top bar.   Once you get the rules down and eat three compliant meals aday...you should be good to go again. 

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So... this is sort of precisely why one of the rules is to not step on a scale for the 30 days. The scale is not representative of anything other than your relationship with gravity. The scale can fluctuate wildly depending on that time of the month (if you're female), fluids, stress, the time of day, bowel movements, urination etc.

As well, the program wants you to focus on all the wonderful things that are happening that are NOT scale related. You have listed that you haven't had allergy problems. This is amazing after only 14 days!

As far as what you're doing wrong, it's hard to tell with your description of your meals, so if you like, please post a few days of your meals including portion sizes and timing, fluid intake, sleep, stress and exercise so we can help evaluate and see if there are any places we can help you tweak.

I would really like you to list a few (2 or 3) non scale victories or improvements that you've seen in the last 14 days as well. Is your sleep better, your mood improved, skin glowing, hair full and bouncy, energy great, clothes fitting better etc...

Also, please banish your scale to a friend's house or under the back tire of your car...

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Thank you both. I think the first week I was totally jamming. My clothes were feeling great. I could easy slide on my favorite jeans not much bloating *even that time of the month. My esthetician friend commented that my skin was looking good. I felt good. I was also very grateful to not crave diet coke non-stop (my favorite drink in the world) and other bad habits I've accumulated over the years. I wasn't hungry all the time. I didn't eat out, things were good. 


Week two things felt to me (and I dont know if this is psychological because of the scale not moving) but things kind of stopped getting better. And I don't want to complain to much, I still feel good and I'm committed to finishing my whole 30 days. But I'm just so curiously as to what would cause the change. is my body acclimating? Do i need to eat different things to "trick" my body that its doing something else? I have been sleeping about the same time, so this is an average day in the life. I got a giant zit about 4 days after the "your skin is looking so clear" compliment!


so my meals are pretty basic.


breakfast: scambled/fried egg, spinach and arugula, balsamic vinegar and a small turkey patty

lunch: turkey patty salad, brocolli, spinach, arugula, kale, carrots, onion - balsamic dressing (some salad)

dinner: same turkey patty with grilled asparagus, some other veggie, carrots and arugula and romaine


most of the time i use quite a bit of hot sauce (tabasco, la hot sauce, organic jalapeno no added sugar)

i snack on carrots throughout the day but recently discovered some no sugar, no msg, beef jerky that was good. but i am totally freaked out about too much sodium, so i am wary of this purchase.

i drink cold brew coffee (1 cup probably every other day) 

TONS of water, too.


i can repeat this cycle because it's what i've been eating pretty much every day, sometimes subbing turkey for chicken to "mix it up"

i really have never been interested in fruits or nuts, so although I like the idea of implementing them in theory it would be a struggle.


i really appreciate your comments and thanks for the thoughful imput!

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ok -- snacking throughout the day is not the ideal. You need to make your meals big enough to satiate you for 4-5 hours. If you are truly hungry, like steamed fish and broccoli sound like nirvana, have a mini meal. A small amount of protein -- a hard boiled egg, a chicken leg, something along those lines, some fat and veggies -- like a homemade dip with mayo or guac. Otherwise, increase the size of your meals, add more fat, change up your proteins. Being able to go 4-5 hours is also very beneficial to your body, your hormones and your system. You need to give your digestive system a time to relax between meals.


You need a fat of some sort of fat at each meal, and I would shake up your protein choices. 'Conventional wisdom' says that chicken reigns supreme, but beef, lamb, bison are better choices. Add in a beef patty, a few lamb chops, fish of some sort -- tuna, sardines, salmon, white fish-- mix it up. Your body will thank you. If you are exercising hard, you need to add in pre and post workout meals. If you are restricting your calories, your body will hold on to each and every last one it can, fearing a cycle of starvation. Feeding your body good food, healthy fats and good protein and plenty of it, your body will feel 'safe' that it isn't going to starve and will begin to release any excess weight it has. Do you really need to lose? are you trying to fit a specific picture or weight in your mind's eye? Do remember -- the Whole30 is neither a low fat plan OR a diet plan. This is to reset your relationship with food. Any weight loss is a side benefit. Please do not treat this as a quick loss quick fix plan. 


You do not need fruit OR nuts. I am living proof of that. I don't 'do' nuts often at all -- I have some almond flour in my freezer for binding meatballs and meatloaf, but it has been there since Christmas -- same 1 pound bag. I don't have whole nuts or nut butter in the house. If I have fruit, it is in season, like a few berries on a salad, grapes in curried chicken salad, a bit of citrus in the winter and maybe a granny smith apple or 2 along the way. Veggies are much more nutritious any way. 


Have you read It starts with food? The science that has gone into the whole30 is in there, and it is a very valuable read. Follow it as written, trust in it, believe in it, don't tweak it into something it isn't. Trust it, and it will work for you. Also realize, that it may take more than 30 days to reset a lifetime of habits. 

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SpinSpin thank you for this. I found it super helpful. Sorry I think I made it sound like I was eating baby carrots by the bagful, but what I meant by snacking was like 5 baby snack carrots throughout the day. :) I was just trying to say "IF I SNACK, thats what i do" I totally am the same way about fruits and nuts, I'm so relieved that you are the same. I will try and implement other proteins into my diet. I did beef about three different times throughout the 14 days instead of turkey. And I've been doing just a 6-7 mi bike ride each day for the past week. I need to lose weight, for sure, i'd say about 20 pounds as of now. 


it starts with food is sitting in my amazon cart as we speak. i think it's time to just get over it and just read it. i am totally impressed with how quickly i've felt better from week 0-1 i was just hoping that week 1-2 i would feel those same gains. i never thought i could do this, and now i'm seeing this as something to stick with beyond 30. i just dont want to be making any critical mistakes in the learning process, you know?. :) 

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:)  I totally understand! I am glad you are going to read the book -- it is really a great read -- I read it 4 times and listened to it on my kindle before I jumped in. I am one of those who is 3+ cups of veggies a meal along with protein and fats and I feel so much better -- it is really amazing going from the SAD diet to eating this way -- I feel better, my blood sugars are more level (I am a type 1 diabetic) and I have even been able to lower my insulin usage. I really can't say enough good about the Whole30, and my 3 year anniversary is coming up in a few days! It has totally changed MY life and I am a true believer. 


I would do a pre and post meal -- a hard boiled egg before and a few bites of lean protein and a carby veg after your rides (a few bites of lean chicken or fish and a few bites of sweet potato, carrot or other root veg -- doesn't need to be a lot) 


Glad I was able to help  :D Whole30 on! 


RE: your weight bouncing around those few days (ditch the scale for the rest of your time) it could very easily be your hormones working themselves out or any number of reasons -- your body will settle down through the process and should start releasing weight. 

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I am going to do that pre-post meal. Simple enough and I hope it will keep me on track. Thank you so much. And yes, the scale will be hidden for the time being. ;)


And congrats on the 3 year milestone!! Have a nice weekend.

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