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Why I am (STILL) doing this


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I'm doing Whole 30 for several reasons:
1) I want to get off of the sugar/carb rollercoaster

2) I don't want chronic fatigue to take over any more of my life

3) I want to manage my kidney disease and stay in remission

4) I want to feel great

5) I want to have more peaceful cycles (TTOTM)

6) I want to be happy, optimistic me (without all of the anxiety)


I am on Day 12. I had a huge freakout today because Vita Coco has less than 1% natural fruit sugar. It made me really sad and I wanted to quit. I had to breathe, and remember that I am putting my all into this, and that is all that is required. 


So, I didn't quit. I had dinner, and threw in some wholly guacamole (which I've been waiting to open for two weeks to try). I felt much better.


Bad days happen.


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Thanks guys! Today was better. I made good choices. I made sure to pack my lunch because the event I was attending served barbecue and cupcakes. I ate an egg and a few cashews before I had to speak, so I  wouldn't be weak or hangry. For lunch, I made the salmon cakes, grinding up coconut flakes to sub for coconut flour. I had the idea to pair it with wholly guacamole, with a few cherries on the side. SCORE! I've only been on the forums for one day. I've read stories of people who lost a lot of weight, and those who lost very little. What i'm noticing in this moment is that I feel nourished. I don't feel like I'm going hungry or starving, and I'm doing less "eating just to eat". 


Thank you for chiming in on my log. Its truly appreciated.

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Okay, today is Day 14. Tomorrow will be the halfway point. I've learned I need to do this in the way that works for me..I want to build a lifestyle. I ordered the digestive enzymes recommended on the supplements list, and found out after taking them that they probably weren't compliant anymore. Blank stare. Something like this seems to be happening every day. And the question in the back of my mind is, will you let things like 1% natural fruit sugar and Sulfites in digestive enzymes make you go back to where you were before? These are not the big triggers that led you to this diet. It was finding yourself eating cake at 10:30 in the morning (happened once, but still!), and feeling like you had the blues until you consumed your sugar. Have perspective. Chill, and keep it pushing.


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I. Could. Cry. I had breakfast this morning, and threw in a bag of frozen roasted peppers and onions with my eggs. I don't even want to look at the bag, but I will later. I was in huge denial about the headache that ensued. What did I eat? 


Grateful that I'm starting to log my foods here, so I can understand potential problems.



Breakfast: Eggs and Aidelle's Sausage

Lunch: Egg, handful of cashews, salmon cakes, guacomole, cherries

Dinner: Pork chops with apple, onion, sauerkraut

Added zinc, magnesium, and super enzymes for the first time

A little nauseous that evening, but nothing big


Breakfast: Eggs and Aidelle's Sausage WITH frozen roasted peppers and onions, melon

Migraine, woozy feeling

Snack: homemade larabar (first time i've eaten a whole one) and cashews. wanted to see if I was underfeeding myself


Update: Felt the migraine for about 5 hours. The peppers and onions checked out fine, so it might have been the super enzymes I had last night and today. I felt like giving up and quitting Whole30 for the last 3 hours of that migraine. 


Lunch: curry lamb beef in zucchini shells, guacamole (might have helped me feel better).

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I have felt like quitting every day since Day 12. Today is Day 17!! I just realize that those were bad days for me. It was tough to find the food I needed, and I had to be around a lot of temptation. Its not easy, but I'm getting up there in the numbers! Woohoo!!


Also, while I have a journey that will extend beyond this Whole 30, I can see the change starting in my face!

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Hi! I can relieve you on one thing...naturally occurring fruit sugars are fine. It's only added sugars listed in the ingredient list you need to worry about when doing Whole 30, not the nutrition panel.  All fruits and most veg have naturally occurring sugars.  Not that you want to be chugging Vita CoCo-  general recommendation is to save that for after a long/hard workout session to replace electrolytes, or skip it entirely while on W30.


Good on you for toughing it out!

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Hi Jen, the natural fruit sugars are listed on the ingredient list. They add up to 1% to maintain consistency in the coconut. I agree though, I decided to not let it get the best of me. I definitely don't have them every day. It is moreso when we are outside for a long pool day and I'm feeling particularly dehydrated. Other than that, it is water or the occassional tea or coffee (black).


Thanks for the helpful advice, I'm glad I didn't quit either.

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So, its Day 19. I'm one day away from 20..when I'll start feeling like I'm really doing this. I've heard it takes 21 days to make something a habit. I have to say, the temptation to give up was roughest on days 12-15. On Day 18, I had a huge taste for sugar. If I spend time thinking about it, I want it. But otherwise, I'm okay without it. It isn't worth it at this point. Today feels good.

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Day 21!!!! Today we are out of town for a funeral, and had breakfast at our hotel. I selected the eggs, sausage, half a banana, an orange, and some fruit, along with coffee (1/2 cup) and tea. I prayed the sausage wouldn't make me feel bad. So far, so good. Ten days ago, I would have gone into freakout mode.. but now, I'm making the best of it. I already called ahead to the local Chipotle to make sure they serve carnitas. Will eat there before the funeral.


Yes, I know it is possible the sausage was non-compliant, and my template isn't perfect, but neither am I. I know I'm doing well because I had to give up on the banana after a few bites, it was just too sweet. I also avoid pineapple at this point. Thats crazy. I am trying to add more veggies to my breakfasts and the rest of my day. I also want to eat more so that I have energy to start working out more.


I believe that I'm doing everything I can to make this into a sustainable lifestyle. After 30 days, I want to continue to do this and know exactly where I choose to off-road every now and then... rather than a 30 day petri dish experiment followed by wild-out mode. 


I have had two yummy steak dinners this week, where they either prepared a fresh steak, or told me all of the ingredients in the marinade. I called to both restaurants ahead of time to make sure they could work with me. I used balsamic vinegar (nope, not glaze) and olive oil yesterday to pump up my veggies and potatoes. So delicious!


The best part is, I started my cycle yesterday, and had ZERO of the emotional symptoms that had been plaguing me for months. This is a huge part of the reason I decided to do whole 30 in the first place. I knew that sugar and gluten were potential culprits, but now I stand to learn so much more. Reintroduction starts in just under 10 days. Crazy.


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Rhonda, thank you for checking on me!!! 

Okay, so I am in Day 8 of reintroduction. I NEVER THOUGHT I WAS ABOUT THIS WHOLE 30 LIFE. I WAS WRONG. SIGN ME UP. 


I didn't think I could handle reintroduction. I thought I would want to eat everything.  I WAS WRONG.


I reintroduced 3 groups so far, with 2 days on the Whole 30 in between each group. here is the effect they had on me:

Legumes: 2nd day Acid Reflux (lasted for a while!)

Non-gluten grains: 2nd day diarrhea (brief)

Dairy: FULL STOP. Cheese was fine, but I lost my cool about 3 hours after the ice cream. I was moody and anxious and slept horribly that night.


I had no idea it would be such a wake-up call!


Gluten containing grains reintro is the day after tomorrow.

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