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Judis' Whole30, Round2


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Good morning fellow W30ers!

I did my first W30 in June, finished after 38 days, misread a label! I tried the second phase of reintroduction. I did alcohol first, went fine, I had maybe 5 drinks of wine or hard cider. I did not feel the need to have a 2nd drink on each occasion.

Dairy was awful, I really had a nasty time in the bathroom.

Grains, made me feel bloated, specifically bread. They also made me want to eat everything and crave all the food. So no grains.

I did not bother with legumes or sugary stuff as I'd had enough of feeling yucky.

Here I am, starting a second round because I want all the good things that came during my first round.


-peaceful calm relationship with my food

-bloating and flatulence gone

-stronger nails and hair

-better more restful sleep

-improved mood and temperament

-the ability to deal with stressful situations in a cool manner

-no more brain fog

-decreased migraines in number and length of headache

- no desire to snack or binge between meals

-better cooking skills and time saving in the kitchen

I wish you all the same successes I have had. Eat well!

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Day 4!


The first day was awful. I had the worst stomach pains after my lunch. A gnawing pain mid upper abdomen. I wonder if it was the scallops or the raw spinach. Since then have not had either. 

The program has been going very well otherwise. I am still having a problem getting enough water in. I think this is strange because I am always thirsty but not so much since I started my first Whole30. Wondering if that is the vegetables giving me extra water so now I don't feel as thirsty? I do have a Brita jug that I fill in the morning, the goal is to get two full jugs in but so far I'm not getting there. 

Heading to the gym and getting some bloodwork done. Thyroid. Have to get in to see the doctor after at some point as I need all my prescriptions refilled. 

Have a great day. 

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