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Kat's Whole30 August 2015


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I started my second Whole30 yesterday. I completed my first July 13, 2015 and did a slow roll after. I found myself going off the rails a little and felt like I needed another Whole30 to get my head on straight. I learned I'm an all or nothing kinda gal. I think I'd be better off living a WholeLife instead of incorporating any non-compliant foods.


I had a couple issues with my first Whole30...I realized the probiotics I was taking contained dairy around day 6-8...I realized the nuts I purchased and ate a serving of contained peanut oil around day 9. Although these weren't deliberate slips and mentally I was in the game, they technically had an impact on the effectiveness of my Whole30.


My results were mixed. The good: I lost 5 pounds...I know, I know...it's not a diet blah, blah, blah...but when you have 70 pounds to lose you want to see that scale go down after a month. My hormones were definitely adjusting nicely with no PMS symptoms aside from feeling a little weepy at the dog food commercial where the dog grows old. My sleep was absolutely amazing!


The less than good: I never felt Tiger Blood. Not. At. All. I know, not really a huge deal. And considering the list of good really outweighs the list of less than good...I'll take it.


I decided I have far more than 30 days of inflammation to unload. So, it's time for another Whole 30. 


Here I go again!

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Day 8 check in. Although the past week has been overwhelmingly busy I stayed 100% true to my Whole30. Yesterday was the first day my Sugar Dragon made an appearance. I recognized the behavior and emotions behind the drive to seek out a treat. I managed it and put it to bed. I know it's not the last time I'll face it but it felt good to understand what was happening and why and to deal with it in a healthy way.


This coming week is another busy one. I have an event on Monday evening. Luckily, I'm hosting and can easily manage a Whole30 menu to my guests. And next weekend I have 2 friends coming for a Girls Weekend. They are both very health and wellness minded individuals and very supportive of my Whole30 efforts so I know that will be no more challenging than any other weekend out and about.


So, planning for the week to come, making my grocery list and ready for my Sunday prep day. I'm thinking chicken salad for lunches next week.

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Although I didn't check in as I had intended this Whole30 went well. It did feel harder than the first for some reason. I haven't quite figured out why. This time around solidified the fact that preparation is the key for me. I have to set aside a couple hours on Sunday to prepare for the coming week...boil some eggs to have on hand, make mayo, prep protein salad(s) to have for quick meals and to take for my lunch to work and plan my evening meals ahead so I don't have to put any thought into what to make after working all day. When I stick with that formula or thinking ahead and preparing everything rolls more smoothly.


I decided to do a slow roll this time around instead of a formal reintroduction. I know dairy and grains don't agree with me so why even bother trying them out. I will be spending the long weekend with some dear friends and I know a glass of wine or two will be consumed or maybe not. None of us are big drinkers so we may just go with some sparkling water mocktails instead. 


All in all, no huge revelations on this Whole30. It really is starting to feel like just the way I live...I suppose that is a revelation of sorts. Until the next time.

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