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I have always had an issue with discharge during the month - nothing major, not yeast infection, just small amount. Enough to be annoying and have to use a pantiliner. I attributed this to my love of sugar (sorry, PRIOR love of sugar!). I'm still in my Whole30, and I'm wondering if that should improve since supposedly the discharge may have been from an imbalance in things?

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A large amount of discharge is totally normal a few days before and during ovulation. The type and quantity of discharge should change throughout your cycle based on your hormones. I had no idea about all this stuff until I read a great book, Taking Charge of your Fertility, but I'm sure there are free sites on the web. If you are having abnormally heavy discharge all month, I would guess that your hormones are wonky, and eating Whole 30 might help with that!

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I second what Abril said - discharge is completely normal throughout the month and, assuming you're not on birth control pills, will change throughout the month. It may go from nothing at all to crumbly, milky, really slippery, and then back to little or nothing again. I credit Taking Charge of Your Fertility, too! :)

I'm finding quite a bit more pre-ovulation now that I'm on my second Whole30, but I take it as a sign that my hormones are leveling out (I barely had any pre-ovulation before). Probably not what you wanted to hear, but...

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Thanks for the input everyone - new question though . . .

Today it kind of smells like ammonia? What would that mean? I tried to Google that question but kind a wide range of answers and thought you all might have a more appopriate answer due to my Whole30. Could it be a result of the hormones coming back in line? I am due next week so probably ovulating?

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Assuming you have a normal luteal phase ( 12 - 14 days between period and ovulation), you're probably past ovulation if you're due next week. It's possible to have a change in odor throughout your cycle. A few days before my period, I know mine does. It's also possible that your ph is off. When I'm uncertain about what's going on, I have a set of ph strips to check it out. Usually it's right where it should be so I don't freak out. If it's higher or lower, it is either a bacterial infection or yeast infection. I'm not implying that your change in smell is abnormal, but if you're uncertain, that's an easy check. Oh, and if I use a disposable liner, I almost always get a funky odor... I use washable cloth ones now. If you're really concerned, see your doctor.

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