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Here we go...August 1 start date


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Whoops should've started this post yesterday seeing as how it was day 1. Anywhooooo...I've now survived 2 days and can't wait for the other 28 to fly by. 


Things I'm hoping to happen over the next 30 days: improved GI function, clearer skin, reduced sugar cravings, and weight loss (hopefully lots of non-scale victories will occur!) 


I'm not much of a blogger/journal keeper but hopefully this will keep me on track with the remaining 28 days. 


Lets recap: 


Day 1: had some up and down feelings. From feeling invincible thinking "oh yeah, this will be super easy. I can do anything!" to "I would kill for a piece of bread or something sweet!" Luckily I didn't cave despite the fact that my sibling brought home a package of Oreos yesterday...how convenient. 


Did some snacking on cashews and almonds just to ward off the Oreos in the pantry calling my name. 


Day 2: "I woke up like this...flawless!" -Beyonce 


As outlined in the book, it says that days 2-3 are the "hangover" days. I definitely felt wonderful when I woke up. I went on all today expecting to feel headaches, cravings for fast food, and you know...general hangover symptoms. I took my great-feeling self to the grocery store to get more produce and essential items that'll hopefully hold me over until next week. Spent too much money, prepped a lot of food, ate good food, and had minimal snacking. Successfully avoided the Chinese food my family had ordered for dinner (now thinking about it makes me want it! I will overcome this craving!). Anyway, I'd mark today off as a success. 


Hopefully I won't experience the "hangover" phase tomorrow on day 3.


Until next time.

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Good luck! I've been finding that taking pictures of my meals have helped me keep track of what I'm eating.  I've read people say that we should avoid snacking as much as possible and just focus on eating enough in every meal to hold us over to the next meal.  

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