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Only on Day 2 and already overstressed about business trip!!


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Its a typical scene - breakfast room service, lunches catered from the local deli in meetings and dinners out with collegues - in my case Chicago, which is a plane ride away. 


I think I have the tips ready for the emergency snacks I can bring with me and can generally make good paleo choices ,but I'm very stressed about the strictness of Whole30 as related to hidden ingredients and sauces, marinades, etc. 


EX: I can opt for a turkey roll up for lunch without the bread and cheese or make it a salad, but how will I know if that turkey has hidden sugar??  


Ex: Sure, will have the filet and sauteed spinach for dinner but again - cooked in butter? hidden sauces or oils? 


Anyone who's navigated this would love your help! THANK YOU! 

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When I go out to eat on a Whole 30, I will generally order the large dinner salad with no cheese or croutons, and oil & vinegar. it's really the only way to make sure you are staying as compliant as you can.


I know there are probably other options, but on my last whole 30, I intentionally avoided going to eat anywhere but one or two specific restaurants where I knew I could be compliant with somewhat ease.

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