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Melt (dairy free) Butter


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Wondering if we can use melt butter instead of ghee?


My husband and daughter are anaphylaticly allergic to dairy so I'm not willing to try out clarified butter on them. (I read it's lactose free but still made from dairy none the less.)


Here are the ingredients of melt:


Rich & Creamy MELT Organic Ingredients: Expeller-pressed organic oil blend (virgin coconut oil*, palm fruit oil, canola oil, high-oleic sunflower oil, flaxseed oil), water,  sea salt, organic-compliant natural flavor, tocopherols, sunflower lecithin, organic annatto. *Fair for Life Fair Trade certified ingredient at least 20% fair trade content.


Any other suggestions if this isn't compliant?

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Here's the official take on the various oils:

Canola Oil: Yes, reluctantly (because sometimes, you have to dine out)

While we don’t think vegetable oils are a healthy choice (understatement of the century), we don’t expressly rule them out on the Whole30. If we did, you’d never be able to eat outside of your own kitchen, because all restaurants use them in cooking. We wanted to create the healthiest program possible, but we also need it to be do-able for those who travel for business or pleasure, or simply want to dine out during the month.

Tip: Eliminate the consumption of vegetable oils at home, even if you’re not on the Whole30, and make sure the rest of your diet is focused on the most nutritious choices possible, especially if you dine out frequently.


So it's not strictly off limits, but you really shouldn't be relying on it at home. I'd be looking to use alternative fat sources for cooking such as coconut oil, olive oil, nut oil, lard, tallow, schmaltz & bacon fat.

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Other compliant liquid fats include tallow, duck fat, compliant bacon fat, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, and walnut oil.


Use light or extra light olive oil (or avocado, macadamia nut, or walnut oil) to make mayo. 

And then there's avocado and olives.

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