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This time is for me.


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Started Whole30 August 2, 2015.


After going through a significant time of stress the past few months I found myself unexpectedly had gained 10 pounds. from being a healthy tall athlete at 140 to 150. Not just about the number on the scale, but I want to feel better in my overall life and not use food as a comfort from a long day or go to fast food because I did not take the time to plan my meals out. The fact that this extra weight snuck up on me in a time of stress is what makes me want to be deliberate about making choices in what I eat. I am 25 and I want to be in peak shape and feel the best I can.   


Reasons for doing Whole30:


1. I am trying to take care of myself spiritually, physically, and want to get my nutrition on track. I am thinking about making some changes and want to be as clearheaded as possible. I feel stuck in a rut in a current situation. I have a new opportunity coming up in September, but have been feeling stuck in limbo that I have a month until it begins. I see Whole30 as something I can accomplish in these 30 days, reset my habits, accept and enjoy that I have this time to change and better myself during this time.  


2, I am a fitness professional and want to be a good example, but even more than that I want to take prime care of myself. 


3. I want to commit to seeing 30 days though and see my life change.  


I am writing this for accountability.   

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Today was good.

I packed my lunch and pre workout food- and that felt awesome to have food handy on the go, not desperate and hangry...but actually prepared! And my pot roast was so good in the crockpot when I got home. That is lunch tomorrow.

I felt good today, a little tired, but it was Monday.

There were only a few times today where I felt a little zoned out. I drank a lot of water and ate some nuts for protein. I've been reading not to overdo it on nuts and not to snack too much. I am going to try to make eggs for breakfast and hopefully that helps to not glaze over mid morning.

Tomorrow I have Pilates planned in the morning and TRX after work. I can't wait. Extra helping of endorphins. Better than chocolate.

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Proud of myself for making eggs this morning. 8oz H20 and black coffee. I have frozen rasberries in my water bottle for an infusion=awesome. 

Last nights pot roast will be today's lunch. 

I think tonight I will prep a crockpot lemon chicken with herbs.

I love that this is forcing me to get into the kitchen and BE PREPARED! Funny how having a plan can help other things fall into place. 

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Sore after Pilates and TRX! So good to MOVE!! and definitely way more fun to workout w/friends. Even convinced bf to take a walk w/me after work, so got some nature time in too.



3 egg scramble with fresh tomatoes & green peppers from my dad's garden with shredded crockpot chicken, salt, pepper, & garlic powder. It was so good, and I feel good! Protein to start the day I think is going to be key for me. And packing lunch for day.


Today's lunch is crock pot chicken breast, carrots, potatoes that I made overnight. Crockpot is so helpful! 

This is huge for me to stay on track. Not really craving junk food. I have thought about ice cream, but the boost of protein is satiating. 

8oz H20

black coffee


Have a 32oz mason jar water bottle-my goal is to drink at least 3 of these a day. Today's infusion is cucumber + strawberry.


New podcasts: 


Balanced Bites by Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe. They are both nutritionists and talk about Paleo template and are all about sugar detox, eating real food, finding balance in overall life-health. One of them has a specialty in Chinese medicine and has great things to say about not just nutrition but overall body-mind care.


Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert. Each episode averages around 20 minutes, and they are short and sweet and all about chasing purpose and letting passion chase you! 


I have a long time in car, so podcasts are key to time to wind down as I drive home. 

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I know I'm not through my first week yet, but trying to explain to family/friends that I'm not deprived by the rules--I'm eating MORE than I did before, and good quality, and being prepared knowing what to eat is somehow adding a very peaceful rather than scattered feeling to my life. Trying not to talk about it too much, but I've told a handful of people close to me that I'm doing this for some extra accountability. 

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From what I'm reading--seems like food prep is HUGE to staying on program!!!

Going to try to stay on top of it, especially my meat. I think crockpot is going to be my friend in this. Last night I threw some chicken breast in it with vegetables, and spices and it was ready for today's lunch and dinner. I cook for one, so I need to make sure that I am eating up everything I buy for $$ sake. Like I got excited on Sunday and bought a bunch of produce....but maybe I need to shop for 3 days at a time or buy frozen broccoli, green beans, etc so lasts longer. learning, learning! now really trying to cook 3 meals a day and just fuel up pre and postworkout--Feeling too full anyway to snack from delicious meals. 

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3 egg scramble again with tomato, pepper, chicken, avocado. Really felt benefit of protein breakfast today, esp when teaching Pilates this morning. Usually I feel drained teaching halfway through, but today felt my energy carried through, the hour came and went and now on to rest of day!!

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