Poached salmon?

Janine Costanzo

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I was thinking of going to a local place for lunch, since they have a salmon salad which I've had in the past (before the Whole30), and if I leave off the dressing and bring my own, it seems like it'd be perfectly compliant:

"Perfectly poached salmon on top of mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, and avocado tossed in a vinaigrette dressing."

I randomly decided to Google "poached salmon" to make sure that it just means it's cooked with water, but it seems that every recipe that I found includes white wine in the poaching process as well. Is this common? I know I can ask them if they use wine or not, but I'd rather know ahead of time if it's likely that they use it or not. I'm also making the assumption that white wine used for poaching salmon makes it non-compliant, since the program rules say no alcohol can be used for cooking either.

I was thinking I could just ask for the salad without the salmon and dressing, and then put my own canned salmon on it with my dressing. But then I'm just ordering greens and veggies, which seems like it's not worth the money.


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That's a good point. I was thinking it was possible that it was poached ahead of time (it's a cafe-type place with lots of people coming through), but it can't hurt to ask if they can make it differently.

Oh, you could be right then. I was picturing a sit down order from a menu restaurant. Doesn't hurt to ask them, but maybe you should have a plan B.

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