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Susie's total body reset


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This is my second Whole 30. After the first I felt fantastic and wanted to do another but for some reason I wasn't committed enough. I do tend to eat paleo most of the time. 

 I am very overweight (100 + lbs), out of shape, have had recent bloodwork showing hypothyroidsm, a few other lab tests that were also a little off,  blood pressure was high on last exam. I am doing everything in my power to change some of this during the whole 30 and then I will go and get retested as I don't want to be on any medication for life. I am planning on doing the whole 30, exercising, taking probiotics, drinking aloe juice for my ulcer, taking over the counter thyroid booster, and doing several cleanses. I will weigh myself even though we are not supposed to as it is very important in my case and I have done a whole 30 in the past. 


My first official day is today, Aug 3. 


Breakfast was a paleo sausage patty and 2 eggs ( I need to eat some veggies in the am from now on)


Lunch was tuna salad


Snack was way too many macadamia nuts (at least they are now gone and out of the house, I will not buy any more)


Dinner will be blackened drum fish with green beans. 


I am also trying to make coconut yogurt today.



I feel fine today. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same.  





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You are exactly the person for whom the rule of no weighing was implemented. There is nothing about your situation that justifies weighing yourself. You will not be doing a Whole30 if you weigh yourself and you will limit your success. 


The Whole30 can change your life, but you have to actually follow the guidelines. Limiting your meals to certain ingredients is not nearly enough. 

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Dear Moderators, 


   Please read your rules which state that you will not comment on my personal log unless you feel something is very unhealthy or dangerous. As you can see from the 1st entry, I have done a whole 30 before so I have gone through the not weighing myself part before. I am choosing not to do that this time. This is my personal log so unless you have something positive to say please stick to the forum.  Thank You.

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