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Shortymama44's Log


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Since I'm on Day 1, I thought I should keep track of what I'm eating. I was happy to see this board.


Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with kale in coconut oil, some grapes & baby carrots.


black coffee, 2 cups.


Lunch: grilled chicken, asparagus, & red beets.




Yoga class.


Dinner: ground beef w/onions, baked potato, spoon of wholly guacamole.



Thoughts: It's hard for me to eat a lot of protein and vegetables. I'm pushing myself to finish my plate, as I don't want to be hungry in between meals, which I'm not. I'm a bit nauseous. I was more than a bit nauseous during yoga class. I kept myself together, though.


I think I need more water. I only had a glass or two plus my coffee. 






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Your meal composition looks good. We encourage 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. I weigh roughly 180 pounds, so my water quota is 90 ounces per day. You need to drink a lot more water. Coffee is a diuretic that almost removes water more than adding it. 

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Day 2:

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with broccoli & asparagus in coconut oil.

Water. :)

black coffee, 1 c.

Lunch: potato, leftover ground beef w/onion, some grilled chicken, spaghetti squash, coconut oil.

I'm having a reaction to something in here. Not sure what it is.

Banana & pistachios after work.

Dinner was 2 eggs, potato & spaghetti squash.

I'm getting sick of all the meat already.

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Day 3

B: 2 eggs scrambled, potato, spaghetti squash, watermelon

water, coffee 1c black

L: chicken breast, salad from the salad bar at work w/strawberries, OOil & vinegar

D: baked cod, sweet potato, green beans, steamed artichoke, handful of pistachios. Yummo

I'm feeling much less bloated this morning.

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