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Jennifer's accountability log

Jennie Pennie

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Today is day one. I'm starting today. I'm not waiting for the start of a month. I had a bad outbreak of shingles last week along with one of the worst fibromyalgia flare ups I've ever experienced so today is the day. It's time.


This is my second-point-five whole thirty. I competed all thirty days of the first run and felt great at the end. Then I tried to go right into a second....after some binge eating. I need to break that cycle. 


Day 1: 

Feeling: I'm still washed out from recovering. The shingles really took it out of me and I'm aching still from the dregs of the flare up. But I feel ready and determined to get my body back onto the right track. These episodes of illness are a reminder that what I put into my body definitely affects what my body gives me/how quickly I can fight back. 


Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs with salt and pepper. One whole avocado with salt. Coffee. Ice water. It's a BIG breakfast. But I know that it will definitely stick with me. 

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Good for you. 


Many people treat avocado as a vegetable, but we consider it a fat source for a Whole30. I sometimes eat an avocado mashed with lime juice over eggs, but add veggies too. My go-to breakfast veggie is cold sauerkraut. I like the way good sauerkraut balances the fat from eggs and avocado. 

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