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Keep'n it simple for an ADDer

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Every day im coming up with ideas for making dieting simpler and manageable for me. A.D.D.ers tend to be challenged in the area of project/time management and "dieting" falls into this category very easily. I tend to quit projects that become too cumbersome. So, I try my best to stay on top of my eating requirements: fast easy delicious

In order for me to reach my goal of "fast easy delicious", I spend planned blocks of time preparing food ahead. On market day, I clean all my veggies and even pre-cut items to the way I want to eat them later. ..... So at each meal, I'm not so burdened down with prep-work. Once a week (usually on weekends) I pre-cook my meats in two or three crock pots and have them ready to go for the week ahead. I also freeze fully cooked chicken pieces (unseasoned) to use for chicken salads. So the bulk of my prep-time at each meal time is spent assembling the meal with all the pre-prepped food from the beginning of the week. In doing it this way, I'm relieved of the stress of last minute trying to figure out what's to make for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

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