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I survived the Renaissance Fair!


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I do not want to take away from the success of those who have completed their Whole 30. That is certainly a greater achievement than what I am about to tell you but you have to celebrate the small success too, right?


I am now on day 11 of my Whole 30. On day 9, I went to the Renaissance Fair with a bunch of friends. If you haven't been to a Renaissance Fair, it is a ton of fun. There are a lot of cool shows and fun things going on. But there is also a TON of food and not the kind I am eating. There is icecream and corn on the cob and waffles and crepes covered in whipped cream and chocolate and sugar. There is tons of beer and cocktails and meade and wine. There is popcorn and fried stuff galore and pizza. But I did not eat a single there!


I had a big breakfast before I went of a wild caught salmon patty I made from Everyday Paleo, two eggs, a bunch of kale, and some sweet potato hash, oh, and bulletproof coffee.


I brought a larabar for a snack.


And I made it! I watched as a couple of overweight friends eat and eat and eat and had to keep eating because the type of food they were eating just made them hungrier. I watched as they got drunk and merry and I sipped water with lime.


I still had a ton of fun and then had enough energy for my hour and a half long drive home afterwards, which I would have been way too tired to do had I gotten drunk in the sun.


So that's it. I survived a mountain of temptation and I am still going strong on my Whole 30!

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