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I started my Whole30 on Sunday and things have been going relatively well. I figured out I like spaghetti squash! I look forward to finding out what other veggies I like:) I'm not eating anything interesting this week, keeping it simple until I get a feel for this. But I figured instead of talking about food, I talk about reactions to food. I was surprised I didn't get the Day 2 headache I was expecting. I kind of went on a bender (big family gathering) the day before I started, so I was pleasantly surprised with no "hangover". And then suddenly, here on the afternoon of Day 3, I got blindsided by crazy withdrawal symptoms. I got chills, was mildly shaking, all my senses got hypersensitive, I started crying for no reason, and I want a chocolate chip cookie. When I was quitting smoking 8 yrs ago, we called theses nic fits. Not a feeling I think I will ever forget. I guess this is a sugar fit. They only last for 10 mins or so, but what a crazy 10 mins. You have to breathe thru it & talk yourself down or else you go for the cookie (or packet of sugar over in the coffee area). I'm better now, but I'm sure this isn't the last sug fit I'm going to experience. I am not looking forward to that.

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