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New Around Here - Anyone Starting August 10?


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Hi, my name is Kaye. I just learned about Whole30 last week, and I'm looking to start my first 30 on Monday, August 10, to give myself time to clear out (and clean) the kitchen/pantry as well as do a few weeks of meal planning and get some shopping done this weekend.


I've done (or tried to do) low carb for many, many years, and even have a blog where I test and share low-carb recipes occasionally, and I know many of those will come in handy for me during the program. But I also know there are a lot of other things I'm going to have to quit cold turkey---like pretty much everything I drink being sweetened with Splenda or other artificial sweeteners (though I just used the last of it at home today, so no hiding/throwing out necessary there!). I also LOVE dairy/cheese, so that's going to be tough to avoid, too.


Is anyone else starting a new 30 on Aug. 10 that I can tag along with?


What are your top tips/advice for someone doing this for the first time?

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The Whole 30 is not really low carb or a  zero carb/keto diet.     Ditching all of the sweetners may be the toughest part of the program for you.   You'll feel so much better.


Since you've been low carb for quite some time...you may not encounter the struggles of giving up refined and sugar loaded carbs.  You might breeze through your Whole 30 without any glitches.  It will be interesting.


You can post your food on a personal log but they're not moderated.  Since you're open to tips and Mod advice...invite them on your log if you make one.    I personally believe that logs are only helpful if a Mod can eyeball your food and offer tweaks.   


You want your Whole 30 days to be  a complete  success.  They can help you find that.   You're open.  You're ready.   So long now.

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Hi Kaye - I will join you for an August 10 start date! I'm actually on vacation this week, returning home on Saturday, and I plan to prep on Sunday for a Monday start. It will be my first time too, so no tips or advice, but I will certainly be available for commiseration and support :)


I *think* my husband is in too... he has Celiac and already eats gluten-free, which doesn't necessarily equal healthy, and he'd like to make some changes as well. He's not a "joiner" and usually prefers to make small changes, so he's still considering, but even if he doesn't go all in he'll be supportive.


My three biggest challenges I'm anticipating: 


1) Black coffee (I take coffee with my cream, so it's going to be a jolt)

2) Late afternoon snacking (usually carbs)

3) Block party on August 15 which is usually a booze-fest :)


The meal plan from Clothes Make the Girl looks like where I am going to start...  I'm usually pretty good about meal planning and prep on Sundays so this makes sense to me. http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2013/07/27/whole30-week-1-food-plan/We also subscribe to a CSA share, so I get tons of awesome organic veggies every Thursday to play with.


Looking forward to supporting you!



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Hi Kaye,


I am also starting on Monday the 10th with my Mom and brother! Therfore I can't help with tips yet.  We all have various ailments that we are trying to get help with including autoimmue and joint issues. 


My biggest struggles are probably going to be:

  1. No dairy
  2. Weekly girl's nights (typically wine and cheese)
  3. New morning schedule since I have to make a bigger breakfast
  4. My birthday at the end of August

Tonight I am going to start going through my pantry, etc.  As luck would have it we are having a food drive at work so I can get rid of a lot food we will not be eating!


Looking forward to tagging along/supporting you in this journey of ours!



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Hi everyone!


I'm in for my second round. I will probably start on Sunday August 9 because I will be home all day and prepping anyway. Rather than making a new thread I'm just going to jump in with you:)


Last round (May 17-June 16) I didn't prep enough, and was sometimes scrambling on weekday mornings to find enough for breakfast and lunch before I left for work. This time I plan to, at very least, cut up my veggies and make my sauces/dressings on the weekends.


I anticipate a small amount of struggle because my husband is going to be out of town for three weeks of this Whole 30. With him gone, I will have to master cooking with a toddler underfoot.


My main challenges last time were:

-Black coffee (I actually enjoy it now)

-The sugar dragon (I still struggle with this one)

-No cheese (I love cheese!)


This is a difficult process. I felt amazing when I finished the last round. I don't have a ton of pointers other than keeping compliant things on hand, and in plain sight, so you aren't tempted with anything off plan. Also, read labels. I was surprised how many things had hidden sugar.


You can totally do it!

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Hi there,


I would love to join you! My friend is doing it and is on day 20 or something like that. My struggle is definitely going to be no alcohol and sugar. I've never done the Whole 30 before, but I have taken out sugar and alcohol out of my diet before.


Enjoy the ride!

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The biggest problem I have with sticking to low-carb is my addiction to sugar. So yes, I'm accustomed to that struggle . . . but that's also why I fail so often at being able to make healthier food choices.


I've been reading a lot of the blog posts and newsletter info from the Whole30 website (and from some of the other bloggers the pages link to), and the thing that's really struck me, that I'm trying to repeat to myself over and over and over, is that it isn't accidental when I fail to make good food choices. Everything is a conscious decision. I decide whether I succeed or fail. I decide whether I stick to the plan or fall off the wagon. And since I live alone (and work from home!), there really isn't anyone else to blame. It's ALL me. And it's time I step up and take responsibility for it.


I've been working with a personal trainer at my gym once a week since January. And while I'm definitely stronger and able to do things physically that I've never really been able to do, I haven't really lost any weight. I keep telling myself, next week, I'm going to get my food on track; next week, I'm going to make healthy choices. But then "next week," there's always an excuse not to after a day or two.


So not only am I hoping that this will kick-start my ability to change myself into someone who makes healthier food choices always, I'm hoping it will also kick-start some weight loss for me.


I'm also hoping that eating healthier and losing weight will help with my other health issues, as well. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that losing weight and eating whole food/low-carb/non-processed food diets can help psoriasis go into remission. (If you're unfamiliar with psoriasis, the easiest way to explain it is that my immune system attacks my own skin.) I have it really bad on my hands and feet---imagine the driest your hands/feet have ever gotten in the winter, then add painful cracking and splitting and constant itching and you can understand why I'm willing to try just about anything that might help it go away!


I decided that since I'm doing this, I'm going all in, so I just subscribed to the daily email to give me that little bit of extra advice/encouragement as well.

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I'm starting on Monday the 10th as well. This will be my third round. I ALWAYS feel amazing upon completion. The number one piece of advice I can offer is PLAN PLAN PLAN! Seriously look over your calender for upcoming events and PLAN your Whole 30 around them. Staff meetings, baby or bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, girl's night out (or boy's), christenings, etc. Plan how you intend to stay on plan while faced with all the tempting and non-compliant foods in front of you. My birthday was the 5th and I am blessed to have many friends who like to celebrate with me I chose the 10th because I knew there would be "celebrations" over the weekend and my friends do not "get" Whole 30.

Best of luck and there are A LOT of veterans on this site who are eager to help you with any kind of question so don't hesitate to ask. You can do it!!!

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I will start on Monday, too! My friend told me about it today and I am looking forward to joining her. Not having rice, alcohol, and sugar will be tough for me. I have never really tried meal prepping, or being this disciplined about eating, so I am a little nervous, but excited for the challenge. I will be blogging about the experience, and sharing on Instagram.  


Like has been said by others here, eating is a conscious choice, whether we are going for the cupcake or piece of fruit. Looking forward to supporting each other! 

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Hi, I will join you. I just finished my second W30 yesterday and will be starting my third on Sunday one day before you all start.

I took a week off after my first for reintroductions and found that my system does not like it. So, this time one day between. I know

everyone will do well.

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I am in for the Monday start.  i have successfully completed a Whole 30 and felt so great that I continued eating whole foods for a year.  Almost every health issue I had (skin issues, IBS) were cleared up.  I had energy, was very active, did not get sick the whole time, and oh yea - lost about 30 pounds.  And then one day I just stopped.  I have regained the 30 pounds - skin and IBS symptoms are back.  I don't know what the heck I was thinking.  At first, I veered off plan for "special" occasions - birthday parties or a restaurant I hadn't been to before.  Then it was special events at work, - then it was because someone brought in doughnuts.....slippery slope!!!!!  


As most everyone has pointed out - lack of planning is the kiss of death to this adventure. Batch cooking got me through the first round - and is something I continue to do on weekends.  


Best of luck to everyone and I hope I can help and be helped.  


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I will be starting on Monday the 10th as well.  I completed my first Whole 30 Jan -Feb.  You feel fantastic, energy like you've never had before, and sleep!  I always thought I had no problem sleeping, until I had a Whole 30 sleep.   I lost 13lbs and I was ready to go start shopping for new clothes.  Thankfully I restrained myself until I could keep it off...because I did not.  


Unfortunately, I had clients in town as I finished and started slipping immediately. Over past 6 months I have slowly gained my 13lbs back, and an additional 3!!!


Things I learned from first Whole 30: 


- Black coffee - you get used to it after a few days. It's really not that bad, However, be aware on how much caffeine you consume.  I had to make sure I drank any caffeine by 11 am.  If not, I would not go to sleep when I wanted to.  Be careful with this.  The foods will give you enough energy.  Drink caffeine tea during the afternoon if you like to have something warm.  


- Preparation is KEY.  You become a slave to the kitchen on weekends, but it is worth it. The most difficult part for me is that I don't leave work until 7:30-8ish.  My first round, I refused to eat my dinner at the office because I just wanted to eat at home.  This time around, I will have to suck it up and bring both my lunch and dinner.  


- Keep snacks with you.  My favorite is to always have some raw cashews and dates.  You do not need to eat any bars....just get the dates and fruit yourself.  

-Trust the book...if you are eating fruit, only eat it in the morning.  For me, If I had a piece of fruit after dinner, the sugar dragon would be pretty unbearable.  


- The 2d week was the most difficult for me. That is when the withdrawal symptoms hit me.  Don't worry, it will pass.  


-Eating out: Make sure you check the menu before you eat out.  I personally avoided going out all but 3 times due to work events. Being prepared makes it a lot easier.  


Finally, enjoy it!!  If you like to cook like me, it is fun to plan your meals and to try out new dishes. A lot of the meals I tried have become staples in my rotation. My boyfriend, who will not agree to try a Whole 30, was pretty much in heaven because I had delicious meals every night for dinner. He loved the recipes.  


I found a lot on Pintrest (be careful...not all are Whole 30 like they claim, so be sure to read ingredients) and I like num num paleo.  Her recipes are amazing.  

Let the prep work begin!

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Hello! I am also starting my first Whole30 on August 10. I am a little nervous because I am pretty incompetent in the kitchen, and I am definitely addicted to coca cola. I'm looking forward to finding out how great I feel after fighting these food demons, though! :) 

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I'm starting Sunday August 9 th. Was on vacation last week but am ready to start. I was practicing Whole 30 compliant meals for a few weeks before vacation so I'm feeling fairly confident. I will miss my Greek yogurt and granola for breakfast though! Hoping to see some improvement in pain levels from arthritis.

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Hi everyone.

This will be my second whole 30. My first I lost 20lbs. Then made the mistake of 'just one night off and then I'll do a proper reintroduction'. So now I'm 10lbs heavier than my start weight the first time.

I live in India most of the year. grass fed meat is almost impossible to get, but ghee is in abundance!

I'm 230lb and although am active, the weight and niggling thyroid issues just won't go.

We have a huge party at the end of the month, but I figure that's 20 days Away and I just need to cope with it!

I found the first one a challenge, but not impossible, but I've never got back on the waggon so to speak so I wanted to join a group like this and get some support!

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Hello to all of you,

I'm also starting on Monday, 10th of August. 

It's my first time doing the Whole 30 and I'm super excited.

I opened a Facebook group, maybe you want to join me: https://www.facebook.com/groups/393703130831242/

If everyone interested in sharing recipes/motivation etc wants to join, you are more than welcome.


Good luck to all of you!

Hi mioli,

Is the facebook group private?  I would like to join, but I want to make sure all of my FB friends aren't going to be able to see everything I post to the group.

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Hi mioli,

Is the facebook group private?  I would like to join, but I want to make sure all of my FB friends aren't going to be able to see everything I post to the group.

Oh I see it's closed.  So that means my FB friends won't see the activity at all, right?

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I am starting today, the 9th for the first time. I've been eating paleo for a few days first, but going all in giving up honey and dark chocolate because I am a sugar monster. Prior to a few days ago, I've lived off of junk food for my entire 37 years of life. I've been suffering from chronic sinusitis, fatigue, and weight gain for the last 3 years. and hope this will help me identify some diet-related causes. 


The toughest things for me to kick will be:


Cheese, which is one of my favorite foods. 


BOOZE. I have no idea how I will socialize doing this. 


I threw out everything in the kitchen, and am ready to go. I'm new so I don't have many tips, but I have already figure out that, like everyone here is saying, PLANNING IS EVERYTHING. If I get too hungry without anything prepared, I lapse into binge eating cashew butter and apples, and start to crave nasty foods big time. I've also figure out that given the produce and fresh meat requirements, I can no longer do weekly shopping, but need to go to the market every few days to have the freshest ingredients. 


Good luck to everyone. WE CAN DO IT. 

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I know I've put it off a little late in the day, but I'm getting ready to go in and clean out the kitchen and create my meal plan for Week 1. I'll build it around what I already have in the freezer (as someone with that low-carb mentality, I have a lot of meat and veggies already in there) and then all I have to get at the store are the fill-in items that I need for the planned recipes/meals.

I'm also going to go through the worksheet for setting specific goals. I'll be sharing my journey through this, along with my menus and recipes, on my food blog (the second one listed in my signature below), and I hope we will all keep sharing and encouraging each other here, too!

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