need a food I can eat at work - server

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Hello everyone!


This is my first post, first whole30 and all that jazz. 


I'm hoping you lovely people might have some suggestions.


So here's the deal. I work as a server which means either 6 hour or 11 hour shifts, on my feet, moving, lifting, running, and where I work, breaks aren't really a thing. I usually eat 4 meals a day instead of the three, because I need to eat more frequently to keep my body upright and moving. I'm one of those "always hungry" people, whole30 is partially about combating my incessant need to snack, but I feel physically ill if I go more than about 4 hours without eating. I'm apparently hypoglycemic according to my doctor. 


Anyway, I'm looking for ideas for food that I can keep next to the POS system at work and take a couple of bites at a time while I'm ringing in orders, or something that I can eat in a minute or less that packs a huge punch as far as energy/fullness goes. Imagine you were going to go work out for 5 hours. Normally I go for protein bars etc. last week I kept a bag of almonds with me, but I could really use some variety :)



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Shannon has given you some great ideas there. I'd also add compliant jerky if you can find it, and jars of pickled veg - neither really need refrigeration so they might work well for you.

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