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No Changes?!

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I'm on day 32. After 30 days, other than some weight loss (12 pounds) I really can't identify any improvements. Skin no clearer, not sleeping better, sugar cravings not gone (though I've definitely learned not to give in!)

So-do I need to keep going? Should I re-introduce and see if I feel worse? Has anyone not really *felt* any better after 30,


45, or 60 days?!

There are just a few things I'm missing, and I'm wondering if maybe they just don't impact how I feel. I ate a 90% clean diet beforehand, so maybe I don't have a lot of room to improve? But I don't want to continue missing those few foods for another month or two if they're really not impacting me. (Some dairy, and chocolate, mainly).

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How were you structuring and timing your meals during your Whole30? If you worked out, did you incorporate pre- and post-workout meals?


There are lots of potential answers on how to fine-tune to address your specific concerns, but without knowing what you've already done and where you are at now, it's impossible to give any advice on how to fine-tune. If you can post a few example days of the meals you ate, water you drank, workouts, sleep, etc. then we might be able to give some insight.

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Ok, thanks.

3 meals a day, more protein than I used to eat, with veggies and a fat.

Eggs with veggies at breakfast, some days sausage or bacon, other days avocado.

Lunch-dinner leftovers, salads with protein, guacamole with veggies to dip, tuna/egg salad

Type things.

Dinners-protein with veggies cooked in coconut oil usually. Sometimes white potato but not often.

Fruit maybe twice a day, with meals. Usually one snack a day, mostly nuts with almond butter, or olives, sometimes a banana. Water was probably 6 glasses a day or so. No other beverages. No eating after dinner around 6pm.

I wasn't sleeping well (restless) or enough hours beforehand, but I have 3 small children so there's not much to do there. Workouts-not really-other than parenting and chasing after 3 small kids. :)

Can't think of anything else to add.

I wasn't hungry, didn't feel deprived except for chocolate at night :) but never felt more energy-perhaps, though because I can't really increase my sleep

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