I'm Not Perfect (from an ADDer)

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I started the Whole30 on Aug. 3rd and have read a lot of posts regarding "I'm gonna do it this time" and "I have to do something to better myself ".... The same thoughts go through my mind too.

Even before my start date the perfectionistic, bully inside of me started talking "what if you do something wrong... 30 days is a long time... dieting is a hard endeavor... you're going to have to buy foods you're not used to and perhaps learn new cooking techniques..." All these thoughts create anxiety before I even begin the 30 day journey.

Like me, does perfectionism hinder your progress, not just in the area of diet, but in other areas of life as well? I greatly benefited from the following article: http://oneshrinksperspective.com/2013/03/07/build-self-confidence-lower-anxiety-and-use-perfectionism-to-your-advantage-part-1/

I think I'm going to be more kind and gentle and patient with myself.

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I don't think I could ever have succeeded on a diet where I would suffer being hungry. I am just grateful that with a Whole30, I could eat when I was hungry and eat enough to be satisfied. I lost weight slowly, but have kept the weight off for years now. So the kind of perfection required to stay on a diet in the sense of living through hunger is just not there in a Whole30 that follows the guidelines. All you have to do is select your menu from meat and veggies and healthy fats. That made it doable for me. 


I made a mistake during my Whole30 and ate something that was off-plan twice. I had read the rules, but missed that particular point. Later, when I really got into the Whole30, I developed a habit of reading through the rules every few days until I could quote nearly any section. I mention this because I am the old man of Whole30 moderators now. Making mistakes is no barrier to success if you learn from your mistakes and keep going. 

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