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Stevia in Supplements


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We are starting tomorrow (!! :) !!) and we are very excited...went through all of our foods, stocked up pantries with Whole30 lists in hand, etc. Even starting ramping down on all non-compliant foods for a few weeks now. Thought we were in GREAT shape but now I'm panicking...I just found stevia leaf as the last ingredient in my liquid, all natural, plant based supplements.


I have read all of the suggested supplement brands and searched the forum. And yes, I'm about to be "that person" who says...is this really not okay? But I ask because I have a terrible time with pills so my naturopath & doctor put me on liquid forms of things a few years ago. I've purchased the BEST ones I can find but they all seem to add stevia leaf at the end.


So IS this the same as  salt containing sugar? Because it's so little? If not, I will buy the capsules. (This is not a doctor>Whole30 situation, I do have a choice, albeit a difficult one due to my issue.)


For example (see attached label):


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Congratulations on starting tomorrow!  Excellent choice and good job with the pre-cleaning so to speak!



Not only does this have Stevia, it also has Glycerin which is a 'sneaky sugar' (see link in my signature to the rest of the sneaky sugars #6).


Doctor's orders trump Whole30, so if your doctor has ordered this, then that's a different story, but if it was me, I'd ask myself if I could go 30 days without this, knowing I was eating a diet rich in variety of whole vegetables, proteins and fats... 

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Wanted to let everyone know that I found compliant supplements at pureformulas.com. I like that you can see the entire label of every brand/bottle on the site. They also ship free and quickly, so I had them within a day or two of starting the Whole30.

I particularly did well with the brand Pure Encapsulations. (But read their labels, not all are compliant.)


We also found a compliant probiotic at Whole Foods. It was by Ultimate Flora, I believe we picked up the 15 billion version.

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