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Day 25 and very tired


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It's day 25 and the last 2 days I have felt very tired. Got home from work yesterday and slept for an hour. Got up for about 2 hours and then went back to bed and still tired this morning. I'm thinking maybe I'm not eating enough but when I look at the meals it looks fine to me.

I am wondering if someone can provide some advice.

Here's my food for the last few days:

  • Brekky - salmon cakes, mayo and sunflower sprouts, avocado
  • Lunch - salmon cakes, mayo and sunflower sprouts, avocado, tomato, baby spinach, carrots
  • Dinner - Steak with mocha rub, green beans, broccoli with some olive oil and lemon dressing.

  • Brekky - 3 egg omelette with spinach and mushrooms and a sausage
  • Morning Tea (at a birthday celebration) - strawberries, guacamole and carrots
  • Lunch - Big green salad, roast pumpkin, avocado, egg and 2 x sausages (lamb and rosemary, my favourite).
  • Dinner - 'The best chicken you will ever eat (by Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan) and a green salad and some avocado.

  • Brekky - salmon cakes and avocado
  • Lunch - left over 'the best ever chicken you will eat', salad, avo and dressing.
  • Dinner - chocolate chill with some baby spinach and avocado tossed in.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Problem with being tired is that I start to think about carbs (bread) to boost me up.


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The only meal where I can see the volume you are eating is the breakfast with 3 eggs, veggies, and a sausage. That one looks good. If you are having a palm-size portion of protein, a thumb-size portion of fat and fill your plate with veggies, your volume would be okay.

What I see very little of is starchy, carb-rich food. Try adding a sweet potato, butternut squash, or turnips on a daily basis. You may find eating more carb-rich veggies give you a lot more energy.

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Thanks Tom. I think you have given me that advice before. Had my lunch early (10.45am) because I was hungry and have just had an early afternoon snack of sweet potato. It does feel like something I needed.

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I am going through this exact thing. Today is my Day 25 and I have taken naps after work the last two days. I mean, I've come home, went straight to bed and fell asleep within minutes. I've set the alarm so I wouldn't sleep all evening. And I'm tired in the mornings. But it just started 3 days ago.

I'm going to add some more food and see if that helps. Any excuse to add a sweet potato works for me!

Hope you've pushed through it :)

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