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Headache and starting to feel nauseous


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I think it may have to do with my period, but I don't know because I usually have headaches BEFORE I start bleeding (which I did) but now I'm 4 days in and I had a MASSIVE headache.  I took two advils and laid in bed for two hours with an ice pack over my head.  It hurts less but I still have a headache and now I'm starting to feel nauseous.  I really want to go out and visit the farmers market and restock on veggies but I just feel so terrible.  I'm thinking maybe taking two more advils after I eat Meal 2.   I don't think it's due to the food I'm eating but what do you ladies think? What should I do? 

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Well, if you're still suffering from the headache I'd take the advil and not be a martyr to the cause.....

Are you dehydrated?

Can you post a few days worth of food, liquid, activity etc just for us to have a look see just in case it *is* related?

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Please see my food log (link in signature). That could be it actually. I haven't been focusing on my water consumption.  Every day I only drink water, coffee, and tea.  ...but I haven't been really making it a point to drink a lot of water. 

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