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PT's Whole30 Log - August 2015


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Here goes nothing...


I'll be starting the Whole30 on Monday, and I am very excited for it. Did my first round of grocery shopping and cleaned out the fridge/pantry today. Prepping for the week tomorrow.


I definitely don't think of this as a diet. Actually, I've spent this year focusing on feeling well for me, instead of focusing on weight loss. So much of my life has revolved around "dieting" and that's no way to be as self-assured and confident as possible. If weight loss happens, that's great, but it's so much better to just feel good every day. I think Whole30 will help to enhance that, for sure. My sister has also been showing signs of thyroid disorder and allergies that our mom has dealt with for years, so I hope to find out more about my health, as well.


I am most anxious about increasing my meat intake. I used to be a vegetarian (until about 5 years ago), and since giving that up I still rarely cook meat at home. Steak is on the menu for dinner on Monday, so we'll see how it goes! :)


Looking forward to participating in the forum and keeping my own log here just for accountability sake (although I will keep a personal journal, too).



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