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Hot flashes and night sweats gone, as is pain!


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I came to the Whole30 because I was looking for something that would make me feel better physically.  I knew/know I need to lose weight, but weight wasn't my real issue.  Eating the way I used to with mainly healthy meals but the small cheats were adding up, and I wasn't feeling good about myself physically or emotionally anymore.  A friend suggested the Whole30 plan and when I read the book It Starts with Food I felt like it was exactly what I was looking for.  Little did I realize how much I needed it.


I am almost embarrassed to say this because it seems way too soon, but by day 3 of my Whole30 the hot flashes and night sweats I'd been experiencing for four years were gone.  GONE!  I was sleeping through the night (which never happens), my heat-related insomnia gone.  I was surprised and pleased by those changes, but overwhelmed by the next one.  At the end of day 4 on my Whole30 I tried having sex with my husband.  Ever since I've started the perimenopause thing four years ago I've experienced a lot of pain with intercourse.  It's hard to do something when it hurts so bad.  I have worried I have endometriosis but never got up the guts to test for it and talk to my doctor.  I do a lot of other things to maintain intimacy with my husband, but sex has been painful.  I was in a good mood after feeling so physically different than usual, and thought I'd give it a try.  The result?  I was PAIN FREE!!!!!  No pain at all, during the entire experience!  I was overwhelmed and overjoyed.  


I'm now on day 9 of this Whole30 gig.  My hair is silky smooth, to the point that other people have noticed (It's August in Houston and my hair normally resembles a huge bee hive of curly frizz).  I still have no hot flashes and night sweats, and I've taken my pain-free sex life for a few more spins and have enjoyed the result.  I cannot believe so much has happened so quickly.  I haven't lost a pound, nor do I really expect to (I don't have to step on the scale to see that I've probably gained weight), but I did this diet for the health benefits, not the pounds.  I never imagined the benefits would extend this far or provide a fix for a problem in my life that I was too embarrassed to talk about with anyone.  I never want to go back to that other life again!

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