Total Fail at the Reintroduction- What do I do now?


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So I finished the 30 days under the plan with only a couple of issues (have some roasted nuts that may or may not have been roasted in soy oil? and ate wayyyy too much fruit). However on Day 31 I was away with friends at a wine tour weekend and while I had planned to have wine and I failed and also had some corn chips, a donut hole, popcorn and a slice of pizza...............


Now what do I do? Should I go back to full compliance for a couple of days and try to reintroduce the foods again in a more controlled environment? 

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So.... why did you do the Whole30?  That may help you figure out what to do next.  And also... what did it do for you?  That may help as well.


For example, if you did the Whole30 to figure out food sensitivities, then you may not have learned what you want to learn yet, so it would be wise to go back to compliant eating and a thoughtful reintroduction of the associated .  Or, if you did it to lose weight and you lost the weight you wanted to, then maybe it's not so critical that you immediately go back to being fully compliant.  One last possibility.  If your goal was to change your eating habits, you may want to go back to being compliant so that you can continue to work on modifying your habits for the long term.


ThyPeace, and how did all that stuff make you feel, anyway?

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