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Mariah's Whole 30!


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Day 17


Breakfast: three poached eggs, on a bed of steamed spinach, with cantaloupe and grapes and coffee with coconut

lunch: Roasted leftover chicken, grapes, baked yam with ghee, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes. 

Supper: Spaghetti squash with meatballs and tomato sauce


Note to self: yams microwave-bake PERFECTLY. How did it take me so long to figure this out??

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Day 18;


Breakfast: pepper, mushroom, broccoli, sausage scramble, half avocado, nectarine, coffee

Lunch: Tuna, cashews, olives, tomato, celery, carrots, cucumbers

Supper: Port tenderloin, braised red cabbage with apple and onion, roasted potatoes



I love that I'm eating such an incredible variety of food throughout the run of a day! Even before when I would go on "healthy" streaks, there would be very little variety, day to day or even meal to meal. I would eat one-ingredient meals all the time -- two boiled eggs for breakfast, etc. Now I'm eating a literal rainbow of things and really noticing how my palate is adjusting. I'm really thinking about everything as fuel for my "machine" (body) and am able to eat down things that normally I'd have to douse in Ranch dressing or smush between some yummy bread to eat. But I just ate a pile of carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc, all without any hummus or dip or anything, just because I was able to acknowledge that it was the right fuel for my body! That's not to say that I want to eliminate the joy of eating. Oh no. I love eating, I love flavours and textures, and this does not have to be boring one bit -- but having the attitude that not all food is for pleasure is exciting. 


OH and..... NSV.... I know measurements are off limits, but trying on clothes at the store isn't, right?? So yeah, I just siphoned my ass into a pair of size 6 pants at Club Monaco. They looked crappy, but moreso because the colour was exactly the same as my skin so I looked naked from the waist down (and not in a sexy way)! But yeah, size 6 peeps.... only a few months ago, shopping for clothes for our Maui trip, I was barely into 10s. 

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Day 19:


Meal 1: Leftover dinner (pork tenderloin, braised cabbage, potatoes, and two nectarines)



Oh man I love how liberating this is as far as not being tied to "breakfast" foods..... I mean really, why should there be certain foods that are appropriate for breakfast or not?? I'm sitting here eating a delicious, gourmet breakkie that is nourishing and awesome and it's not cereal/eggs/bacon/french toast etc. 

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hmmmm once again getting "denied" access to edit my post? Oh well.....


Meal #3: Roasted bone-in chicken breast with garlic and spices, curry spice roasted cauliflower, cherry tomatoes. 


I feel pretty awesome today. Energetic, excited about life. Everything is coming together for our big move across the country. Our house had four viewings today, and I'd be surprised if we didn't get an offer out of it! 

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Day 20!!!


Meal  1: Sausage, broccoli, mushroom, pepper scramble, two nectarines

Meal 2: Cabbaghetti with meatballs and spicy tomato sauce

Snack: coconut chips and apples

Meal 3: roasted chicken salad with lettuce, nectarine, tomato, avocado, sweet potato, and lemon vinaigrette


I feel good. Just good! Full of energy and optimism and like my best self is shining through all the time. I think I've convinced my mom to try it! Keep the snowball of health and happiness rolling! 

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Day 21


Meal 1: Poached eggs, giant bowl of spicy tomato cabbage, coffee with coconut

Post workout (10km jog/walk): four meatballs, small potato

Meal 2: canned sockeye salmon, cauliflower with ghee, cherry tomatoes, celery, mandarin orange

Snack: handful of coconut chips (started feeling faint again right before dinner….. hmmm maybe I need to work on fuelling up more at lunch time. I feel like I am majorly filling my face, ,but still keep getting those afternoon energy dips.

Meal 3: Striploin steak, roasted potatoes, asparagus.


I don’t feel very good today. This is my first downer day in weeks (which is amazing, considering only a few months ago, I was on meds for postpartum depression and anxiety). I just felt really emotional, angry, and cranky toward my husband. I just “had” to get out of the house and go somewhere myself, which helped a bit, but then I felt so tired and snippy and even now, I just put the kid to bed and I want to pack it in myself. I should be super happy right now, she even slept through the night last night, first time ever! But I just feel miserable today. I was overwhelmed with sadness about my Granny dying back in June. I felt super anxious about starting my new job. Everything suddenly seemed insurmountable, whereas yesterday even, I was crowing about my incredible self-efficacy. 

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Day 22


Meal 1: Three boiled eggs, big bowl of steamed spinach, kale, and collard greens, half pint of raspberries

Meal 2: salmon, sauerkraut, pear, more coffee

Meal 3: pulled pork, curry potatoes, broccoli slaw


Went out to a football game with hubby and baby. I can honestly say this is the first sporting event I ever attended stone-cold sober. I’m really not into sports, but hubby is, and with a few beers, I can get into anything. This time I had to actually pay attention – haha! It was fun though, and I enjoyed thinking about how much crap I DID NOT consume. Not just the beer, but the pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, etc that I would have no doubt filled my face with! Yay me!

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Day 23

Meal 1: Turkey burger “sausage patty”, mashed yam, steamed combo of spinach, collard greens, kale, and wax beans, a pear, and coffee with coconut. This was Food Network worthy!

Meal 2: three boiled eggs, olives, mini tomatoes, purple peppers, lettuce, mustard

Post workout (6.5 km run): two potato/zucchini cakes, a handful of coconut shards

Meal 3: Sockeye salmon with date, mustard, cashew crust; roasted brussels sprouts, butternut squash



Really making the connection here between food and self care and love. What could be a better expression of my own self-worth than to cook myself an incredible, healthy breakfast, and even arrange it on a plate --- for nobody but myself to see? It was so delicious, so nourishing.

For the first time in awhile I feel a bit fat today. I feel jiggly and plump. Blech. Maybe just going a bit too nuts on the salt. 

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Day 24


Meal 1: three boiled eggs, sautéed zucchini, half a yam, half pint of raspberries, coffee with coconut

Meal 2: baked sweet potato, salmon (leftover from last night) pear

Meal 3: two pork chops, mashed potatoes (with ghee and roasted garlic) and a massive pile of green beans, cherry tomatoes


I noticed something so funny today! Well not funny, really – but very indicative of some of my old habits! I had a pretty exciting/stressful day, orchestrating the big move, house hunting, etc, and when hubby got home and took over “baby duty” the first thing I did, as I was listening to him talk about his day, was head straight for the snack cupboard! It’s like I was a zombie! Before I knew it, I had the bag of coconut chips in my hand and was about to shove them in my mouth, when I “woke up” and was like, whoa, wait a minute – I’m not even hungry!? And I put them back. SO MUCH of my eating was this kind of hypnotic, compulsive munching. 

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Just wanted to add, too (since I'm not allowed to edit anymore!) that I'm so proud of myself for sticking with this in what is easily THE most stressful time of my entire life. I'm in the middle of my Masters degree, with a 10 month old baby, in a city with no family for backup, and selling a house three provinces away, and buying one on the complete opposite coast. My brain is working in three different time zones. I'm in overdrive. Normally, this would drive me straight to smoking (I was an on again, off again smoker for almost a decade....... I know, gross!) or drinking, or just ploughing bread and cookies and muffins. But instead I am keep on keeping on. Last night I wanted to drink SO BAD but instead I went for a 6.5 km run. And damn, I RAN, no sissy-jogging, I was motoring. This is such a positive cycle! 

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Day 25


Meal 1: Three scrambled eggs, scramble with sausage, tomato, onion, garlic, spinach, string beans, kale, mushrooms; cantaloupe; coffee with coconut

Meal 2: Mashed potato/tuna/onion cakes, and a pile of sauerkraut. The potato cakes felt SWYPO-esque just because they were so damn satisfying and delicious. Sauteed in coconut oil, pure yummage!

Meal 3: Pork ribs, steamed carrots, raw pepper


Exercise: one hour Yoga for Strength and Toning


Soooo….. did I mention that my baby is sleeping through the night, suddenly, and consistently?? She’s always been a crap sleeper, and I had resigned myself to a lifetime of wretched sleep deprivation. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but then I saw someone else posting about it in the forum! And I realized, hey, why not? It actually makes a lot of sense. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. All this great nutrition is fuelling healthy hormonal balance, and, because I’m still nursing on demand, she’s benefiting from that as well. Nursing mamas are able to produce different compounds (including cannibinoids - !) that put babes to sleep at specific times of the day. I can only imagine that if I’m all whacked out of shape, then she would not be benefiting from that effect. So yeah – if that’s not an NSV, I don’t know what is! 

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Day 26


Meal 1: Bowl of steamed greens, zucchini/potato/herb fritters, cantaloupe, four poached eggs. Yes, I just ate four eggs in one sitting. WTF! But I was finding that I was hungry by the time lunch rolled around, so upping my breakfast ante.


Meal 2: Red cabbage, onion, sausage, tomato sauce spicy goulash and a side of anchovies (yup, I’m a freak, I eat those suckers right outta the jar. I adore them.)


Snack: Starving once again while cooking dinner, felt like I was gonna pass out! Ate a handful of coconut chips


Meal 3: A turkey burger with avocado and tomato and Dijon and lettuce, with veg fritters as bun! Also a whack of curry spice roasted cauliflower YUM


A major, major MAJOR test of willpower today. I’m so proud of myself. I baked an apple strawberry crisp. Hubby has been moping around about how he has to suffer because of MY diet….. lol… so I made him some dessert for the first time in almost a month. It’s my signature recipe and that oatmeal streusel topping is my favourite thing IN DA WORLD. Normally I eat it by the handful, right out of the bowl, gobbling and munching it like a starved hyena. And I didn’t touch it. And it actually wasn’t that hard. I caught a glimpse of my glowing skin in the mirror and made an easy choice. 


Another NSV I noticed today -- my elbow chicken skin is completely gone! It always used to be rough and bumpy. 

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Day 27


Meal 1: coffee with coconut; cantaloupe, three fried eggs, various veggie scramble, three potato-zucc fritters (This was a plate of epic proportions!)

Post workout/snack: (6km walk): Can of sardines

Meal 2: Cabbage/sausage/onion spicy goulash-y wonder

Meal 3: Wings. Lots of wings. With thai spice. Fried in coconut oil. OMG Yum! And some raw veggie stix. And some blueberry kombucha. Holy pile of yummage.


Soooo….. I know this is supposed to be transcending weight and all that good stuff. But I have to admit I am dying to know how much I’ve lost. It’s substantial. Unfortunately, I didn’t really bother with before measurements! My pants are falling off me.

I got a hair cut today and now I officially feel like a million bucks! I was sauntering down the street afterward, glorious golden setting sun on my face, breeze blowing my soft, new hair, and I had a giant smile that I just couldn’t wipe off my face. 

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Day 28


Breakfast: Mini tomato and basil salad, three boiled eggs, sweet potatoes

Meal 2: Three smallish hamburger patties, garden salad, fruit salad

Snack: Montreal smoked meat

Meal 3: Shrimp with spaghetti squash and homemade cashew/basil pesto


I feel so CRANKY today! Weird because I’ve been feeling so awesome lately. Just like every little thing set me off.  

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Day 29 (OMG – for real?)

Meal 1: Three poached eggs on a bed of pesto spaghetti squash, nectarine, coffee with coconut

Meal 2: can of tuna, olives, mini tomatoes, lettuce, sauerkraut, cantaloupe

Meal 3: Sockeye salmon parchment poached with dill and lemons; mountain of green string beans; ghee-roasted mini potatoes (Ok I think I have reached my peak of roasted potatoes… these suckers were out of this world!)

I am definitely feeling some anxiety about the 30 days being almost finished! I want to carry on, maybe turning this into a Whole 60 or more, but next week I will be moving across the country and starting a new job. With a baby in tow. Staying with my parents for a week. I don’t want to set myself up for failure, but I also don’t want to go back down that slippery slope of cookie dough icecream! I feel so damn amazing right now and don’t ever want to lose it. 


Another NSV -- I noticed today that my husband's hair is growing in really dark! It had gone quite salt n pepper in the past few years, but it's growing in thick and dark. He's not technically doing the Whole30 but I'm not cooking him special unhealthy meals, so he's eating all the Whole 30 Things right along with me. Awesome :) Now, if I could only convince him to try it too!

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Day 30


Meal 1: Omelette with peppers, mushrooms, tomato, onions; coffee with coconut; half a yam; cantaloupes

Meal 2: Cashew Larabar; Can of sardines in spring water; nectarine, sauerkraut, cucumbers, yam

Pre-dinner snack: handful of coconut chips (no matter how much lunch I plow, I can’t get rid of that pre-supper starvation!

Meal 3: Dijon pork chops, garlic-roasted broccoli, butternut squash with ghee


Wow, Day 30! I can’t believe it! I have never seen something like this through to its completion. Can’t believe I needed to pull the Larabar trigger on Day 30, but it was desperate times – we went out for a walk to get some things before lunch, and it was like 35 degrees out and I was dying, felt lightheaded and like I was going to pass out on the way back! I had just bought a couple, because I am going to be flying on Thursday and wanted to have some backup snacks. 

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I just read your entire food diary! Hah I found it through a bfing thread about keeping supply up. I'm starting my first round 1/1/16 and I found your journal very informative and inspiring. The variety of veggies you were cooking is very impressive! I'm going to come back for inspiration if I start falling into cooking ruts. I would love to read an update on your results and how things have been going since this round and how your move went etc!

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I, like the above poster, found this link from a breastfeeding post. I am starting my whole30 journey on April 25th and I am ebf my sweet, soon to be 3 month old, daughter. Throughout my pregnancy and the past 3 months, I have had a terrible relationship with food. I am so ready to kick my sugar dragon to the curb and experience all of the NSVs that are going to come with this! I was very inspired by your posts and will definitely come back for some food inspiration. :)


By the way, how did you move go? :)

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OMG Dayleen, you've come to the right place! I can't say enough great things about how Whole30 has dramatically reset my relationship with food. Eight months later, and besides a slip here and there, and a nice glass of wine the odd time, I am STILL eating Whole30, and I love it. I am a different person! Good luck, and if there's anything I can help with, feel free to email me!

PS The move went awesome, I am on Cloud Nine being back in my hometown on the gorgeous West Coast! YAY!

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