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How to Deal With Non Whole30 people living in your house

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I'm so frustrated I could cry.


My family recently moved in with my parents because we're renting out our house in order to purchase another house. Since the move I slipped off my normal whole30/paleo living and since a few friends are doing their own whole30 I decided to start another one.


I made an incredible spagetti squash primavera with salmon for dinner - and I purposely made extra for lunches. Well my dad thought it would taste better if he put bread crumbs and cheese in the entire dish!


Seriously when I explained why this was a bad thing he and my mom were like "but its a tablespoon, you're over reacting over a tablespoon."


I know that my way of eatting works for my body and it's getting frustrating to have my principles compromised. And my mom is like "well we need menus" I've never cooked that way - instead I follow the Well Fed method where we batch cook and doctor the food with items like sunshine sauce, garlic mayo, and other spices.


And not to mention my mom is like "I've lost 10 pounds" Well no kidding because of the way I'm cooking.


I would love to know what to do - I don't want to have to make and keep seperate meals but I will. I just really needed to vent - and this incredible community gets it.


A Whole30 is hard enough, and I don't need my parents blocking me from success.

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Good for you for starting another whole30! Especially under changed circumstances. You didn't say if part of your arrangements was to cook for your whole family? Or are you offering to do so?

This is a hard lesson to learn, and it took me a few years to accept it. Other people aren't as invested as you are in this process. Your "incredible" dish is only incredible to you. It probably really does taste better to them with cheese. they don't care or want to hear that it's bad for them. If a houseguest, visitor, or friend were to stay with me and start changing meals, talking about how unhealthy my food is, or imposing changes-- I wouldn't want to hear it. I can look back at my experiences and cringe at some of my comments, expectations, and actions in my first years. Just like we have "our way", they have theirs too.

Tough love, but no one is blocking you. You already know the answer, make your own meals. Stay YOUR course, stay strong, and keep on venting here where you'll find others in the room like me who can understand.

It's hard to keep from sharing this wonderful thing you've discovered, but I liken it to religion and politics.

Stay strong! And calm :)


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Also, make it clear that the meals you make should be left alone. If someone wants to add cheese or breadcrumbs, ask them to add it to THEIR OWN PLATE. Of course, tact is king here, but I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. Be assertive and polite.  B)

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