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Advice Needed

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I'm currently only on Day 9 of Whole 30 - finding it great. Not having cravings or interested in any foods other than whole 30 compliant ones.

I have a lot of weight to lose. 100lbs + and health problems (hypothyroid, PCOS and infertility, Anemia, insulin resistance, high inflammation markers, digestive problems) and a psychological problem with food (recovering from binge eating disorder)

I am also getting married in January. I want to enter married life as healthy as I can. I'm living in UK and getting married in Ireland, and the only time I can do the wedding tasting for the wedding food is early September as I will be in UK until right before wedding except for Christmas week but it's not reasonable to do good tasting during the busiest week in the season for the hotel.

I will have finished my whole 30 3 days previously but I wanted to do it for longer and definitely did not want to reintroduce foods quickly or all together like this would involve. I strongly suspect I have problems with wheat and dairy.

I'm tempted to advise them I don't eat these things and literally just compare the salmon and the steak and let my fiancé sample the soups and desserts etc, or let his mum or my mum go with him to chose the food, although I suspect that would upset him. I could ask the wedding meal be Whole 30 compliant?

I know it says in the Whole 30 that I'm a grown up and I don't ever have to eat anything I don't want to, and while that is true, I feel under huge pressure to.

Does anyone have any similar experience or advice?

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Go with your husband to the caterer. You both sample the salmon and steak, and he samples the other foods. No biggie. You can still comment on the look of the food, and I would think he would love this "job"!


Or, as you said, find a caterer who can create a Whole30 compliant meal -- or at least the majority of food items Whole30 compliant.


Remember, too, that if you feel guilty or strange in front of the caterer not sampling, you are doing this for your HEALTH. It's none of their business what you eat or don't eat. Stay strong.


And as someone who was married many many moons ago, my guests remember the fun time on the dance floor WAY more than the food. I bet none of them could remember what I served! What matters is the love and friendship surrounding that wedding day.



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Guest Andria

Unfortunately you planned your Whole30 to end without enough time to do reintroductions, so you need to decide how to proceed.  The reintro process is very important because it is going to tell you how to go forward and 'ride your own bike,' so to speak.  With that said, you have several options and your final decision will be ultimately up to you and what you what to prioritize:


1. You could sample just the protein and let your fiancé  sample the other items, but remember, if you want to keep with the Whole30, that you need to find out what the proteins are marinaded or seasoned with as well as what, if any, cooking oils were used.  


2. You chose and are paying for this caterer, no?  You have every right to ask them to compile a menu to meet your specific needs.  If you want to avoid gluten and dairy they should be able to accommodate this.


3. Not sample anything and proceed with the reintroduction phase.

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I have come up with a potential solution. I'm going to ask the hotel to give me whatever is Whole 30 compliant and I'm going to invite his mum and my mum along to also taste so it isn't just my fiancé choosing (he has a very bad sense of smell - and I believe it affects his ability to taste, he only likes strong flavours)

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