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Day 30 & terrified to finish!


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Today is day 30 for me (wow!).  I've really enjoyed the program- luckily I didn't have too many bad side effects (I did spend week 2 very emotional and weepy- I would cry for no reason) or major cravings.  For me the most difficult part of the program was the social aspect- it was hard to eat out with my boyfriend (I usually ended up with a very pathetic looking plate of pale lettuce.  I probably could have ordered more, but just didn't trust that the preparation would be compliant).  I also missed a margarita or two sitting outside in the summer weather-  I feel like I haven't seen most of my friends in months!


Positive results:


Clearer skin & my pores look tiny!

Post Nasal Drip & sinus issues gone

FAR less anxiety- I feel very calm now

Stomach/digestion issues FINALLY seem to be calming down- not 100% resolved, but I see huge improvement

Clothes are more comfortable

24lbs lost in 30 days (OK, I broke the rules & weighed myself on day 30, instead of waiting for day 31)


I wish I had followed the advice and taken measurements and photos before I started.  


So, while I am very excited to have reached the end of my first W30, I am also terrified about how to manage my new found habits, while easing up a little, but really cementing this as a lifestyle.  I'm not sure I have really slain the sugar dragon yet- my brain is still trying to convince I need sugar (iced mocha, in particular) and that I will be able to stop at one.  To improve my chances of carrying on, I'm planning on the following:


1.  Stick to the strict plan 90% of the time

2.  Order on plan in restaurants (i.e- ask for steak cooked with olive oil not butter, but don't stress too much about whether or not they actually do)

3.  Try to be vigilant about trigger foods

4.  Remember that a 'treat' is far less frequently than most of us have come to think or it- once every two weeks or so, not daily!


Any thoughts or suggestions welcome, although really just wanted to share some of my experience!

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Remember that the next step is reintroduction, which is a slow/fast process depending on your choices, but NOT an uncontrolled dive back into previous habits.  In my mind, this is the most important part of the entire program.  Glad you are here!  I'd love to hear how your "checkins" with non-compliant foods go.  For me, sugar, corn, and dairy are the broad categories that negatively affect my wellbeing, while legumes and other grains don't seem to be a huge issue.  A few other foods -- beets, kombucha, and broccoli -- seem to also create problems.  I am far healthier and happier when I avoid the ones that make me feel icky -- and feel even better when I really focus on eating highly nutritious foods.


For you, though, it may be a very different list.  The good thing is to know your own list and your own reactions -- and then work it to have great-tasting food that absolutely feeds all of you thoroughly.


ThyPeace, eats fabulously well these days.

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