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Hey everyone!


I know snacks are not recommended during the Whole 30, but I find myself hungry before lunch.


Now, this is my current schedule:


4:15 Make Breakfast

5:00 Leave house to go to the gym

6:45 Leave the gym

7:15 Get to work

12:30 Lunch Break

5:00 Go home

6:00 Eat dinner. 


As you can see there is about an 8 hour gap between my breakfast and lunch.. therefore I feel hungry.. 


What kind of snacks can I have that would be better than my current Apple and Nut butter? 

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You should be incorporating a pre & postWO meal in addition to your three main meals.

The recommendation is for protein & fat (so say a hard boiled egg, or some chicken & mayo/olives) for preWO, and protein & starchy carbs postWO - the favourite tends to be chicken & sweet potato, but you can use your imagination here. No fruit before or after.

I imagine if you work these into your schedule having your breakfast when you get to work you'll no longer have the need to snack, and you'll feel a whole lot better...

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Ditto what jmcbn said. Since you eat breakfast before leaving for the gym, you may be able to get away with skipping the pre-workout meal, but definitely add in your post-workout meal of lean protein and starchy carbs and see if that helps you make it to lunch. And yes, egg salad is a fine pre-workout since it's a good hit of protein and fat.


Remember also that meals are supposed to keep you going for about 4-5 hours and then it's time for anothe rmeal. With as early as you eat breakfast, you're due for another meal shortly after you get to work. Your day is long enough that you may benefit from four meals instead of three.



Edited to add: When you're putting together snacks, remember that you need to hit at least two out of the three meal template components. Veggies+protein, veggies+fat, fat+protein. (Fruit should be saved for when you're eating a full meal.) You can pick any combination of protein/fat/veggies that appeals to you.

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