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Positive Thought Patterns help

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Coming from a person who used to be an alcoholic; someone who used to have skin problems, high blood pressure, hive breakouts, mood swings, bad breath, etc. Below is some of my own positive thought patterns and pro-active habits that I've adopted have really helped me through these last few years.

1) the first step I took was to write down or think of all of my absolute favorite foods and capitalize on those. For instance, I never get tired of tomatoes, Greek salads, lemons, nuts, ...to name a few. So I kept my refrigerator stocked with ingredients for when I want a quick bite to eat. I felt safe in those desperate moments, when I really wanted to break my diet, to know that there was something healthy available.

2) I practice self-talk and positive thought development to help me with self-discipline. I literally picture myself in two persons: the healthy, calm, decisive, mature woman I strive to be every day ..... and then there's the other person: the impulsive, inner-child that only craves the unhealthy, detrimental foods that brought me to my current state of health. So how do I use this to my advantage? When an unhealthy food craving hits me, I tell myself, "if you're truly hungry, then you would gladly and greatfully eat the healthy options ready to eat in the refrigerator." If I still wrestle with the craving, then I know I'm not experiencing true hunger. So I go with the healthy option and before I know it, the craving is over and I'm satisfied and I feel good about myself as a result.

3) I've gotten to the point where I no longer use the word "diet". To me, that word somehow indicates a temporary measure taken to stave off diseases and illness. I feel like it's mostly used as a band-aid as a means to an end: losing weight, lowering blood pressure, curbing diabetes. I'd rather view healthy eating habits as the "norm". Going "off diet" only happens sporadically and when it does happen, my body reacts in a negative way (headache, grogginess, gas, pimples, etc).. then I gladly get right back on track.

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