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Loose Stool/ Headaches Day 10-11


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Can someone help me understand why I have loose stool and headaches on days 10-11? 


Day 8 I was traveling and out with my girlfriends all weekend. I did my best to order whole 30 complaint foods. Breakfast was at home and was taco skillet (leftovers) with 2 scrambled eggs. The taco skillet was ground beef and a ton of vegetables. Lunch was grilled herb chicken, roasted squash, tomatoes, zucchini, garden salad and watermelon. Dinner was fajitas at a restaurant. I only had the meat, extra veggies, guacamole and pico de gallo. 


Day 9 I was traveling home and ate breakfast out. I ordered a grilled chicken breast, 1 egg, guacamole, roasted potatoes and fruit. Coffee and I brought my own coconut milk. For lunch we went to Chipotle, but I didn't have an appetite for it. I had a Lara Bar afterwards to hold me over. I had loose stool around 3pm then I took a nap. For dinner I had homemade balsamic beef short ribs (crockpot), sweet potato mash and sauteed squash. 


Day 10 I woke up and had diarrhea and I felt nauseous that I didn't have an appetite. I actually felt sick and chose not to eat. I drank a sparkling water to see if that would help. By 10AM I was ravenous and felt a strong headache coming on pretty strong. I probably should have forced myself to eat in the morning, but I thought I might loose my lunch or be on the porcelain throne all day. At 10 I hate several handfuls of whole almonds, had 3 ibuprofen and a cup of coffee with coconut milk to get rid of the headache. I felt much better after this. For lunch I had leftovers from day 9. For dinner we went to whole foods since I hadn't grocery shopped from the weekend out with the girls. I had a beautiful salad with tons of veggies and fruit for dessert. Post workout I had an epic bar. 


Day 11 TODAY - I woke up with more loose stool. I forced myself to eat. I was running late so I ate a banana with almond butter and coconut chips on top with some grapes. I had 2 cups of coffee with coconut milk. I know I need veggies in the morning and more protein but my system is all out of wack. I had a headache too but chose not to take medicine to see if it would work itself out. 


Maybe my issues are from eating out over the weekend. I did my best to eat on plan while I was out and feel pretty proud of myself for sticking to the plan. Anyone else have any ideas as to why my stomach is out of wack and my stool is so lose + I'm getting lots of headaches? Would love to hear any suggestions. 

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Could be a combo of getting cross contaminated when eating out (did you check with what kind of cooking oils they use, marinades/rubs/injections in the meat) and not eating properly the rest of the time.


Day 9 - no lunch, just larabar

Day 10 - no breakfast, just handfuls almonds

Day 11 - no breakfast, just banana, grapes, AB & coconut


Dried fruits (dates especially) and nuts, can be highly digestively distressing so to take your fragile system and start throwing in nut and date products when it's already not feeling well is probably a recipe for disaster (or diarrhea).


Lots of headaches would probably be a result of not eating enough and of spiking and crashing your blood sugar with the snacks noted above.


Assuming you aren't actually sick, I would get on the water (1/2 ounce per pound of bodyweight), get three template meals a day going and cut the nuts and dried fruit.  Reduced consumption during temporary lack of appetite is self fulfilling and will create even less appetite as the days go by.  

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I am still having loose stool, even today on day 14. Headaches went away after day 11. Is this my new normal? There is also an oily film in the toilet after I urinate or go #2. (Sorry - so gross). Help!!!


Day 12 -

M1 - Sweet potato, yellow bell peppers, sugar-free bacon, coffee + coconut milk, and purple grapes

M2 - Left over burger patty, avocado, parsnip and carrot fries

M3 - Balsamic chicken, zucchini, red bell pepper, onion and squash stir fry

Work out: Dance fitness


Day 13 - 

M1 - Apple + grapes (forgot my breakfast on the counter at home :(

M2 - Whole Foods salad with roasted shredded chicken, green onions, yellow and red bell peppers, dried cranberries, balsamic and olive oil

M3 - Sugar-free bacon, Yukon roasted potatoes, strawberries, 1 fried egg, avocado

Lifted weights 

PWO Snack: raw cashews


Day 14 - today 

M1 - Leftovers (Sugar-free bacon, Yukon roasted potatoes, 1 fried egg, avocado) + coffee and coconut milk

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Hmmm...you could try putting aside the bacon (which is more a source of fat and not a significant source of protein so your breakfast on Day 12 & today is missing protein and your M3 on Day 13 as well as eggs should be as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping; 3-4 at least). 


The oily film could be because you are having diarrhea which is, among other things, a too-fast transit time through your digestive tract allowing less to be absorbed before eliminated....so that fat gets pewped out before it gets processed.  (I'm not at all medically trained, this is just my experience)


As far as the diarrhea goes, try doing all cooked veggies instead of raw as the raw veg can be hard on the stomach.  You can also try putting the nuts aside as they can be quite irritating to the gut also.  (and nuts are not a recommended post workout snack, the rec is lean protein and starchy veggie).  Overall I would up your veggies to closer to 2-3 cups per meal.  Diarrhea could be a result of not having enough bulk to form proper stools.  Veggies to the rescue!


PS.  dried cranberries without added sugar are a unicorn, did you check ingredients?

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