Question for Type 2 Diabetics

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If you find you're crashing at particular times, your previous meal may have been too small or the gap between meals too big.


A mini meal is a good option for a big gap or if you were full at the previous meal. Can be snack sized, but go for the template for ratios, it helps balance your blood sugar without starting another roller coaster :) If you really want fruit, try and stick with berries. Carrot sticks are a good veggie option if you want something sweeter or to boost your blood sugar a bit.


Make sure your doctor knows about your change in diet as you may need some additional monitoring.

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Hi folks, type 2 for over 15 years here. I prepped for whole 30 starting July 10, did it starting August 11 and just had blood work October 10. Went from 30 units long acting to 20 currently. My A1c dropped from 6.9 to 5.5!! I am amazed what a difference in how I feel but more in how I feel about the possibility for success. I tried so many different plans and programs in my adult life but feel that this one is actually sustainable and has changed so many things about my view of food. Thanks!

In answer to an earlier question about hypoglycemic episodes...I too had a few of those. Eventually I found some mini mini size boxes of raisins and now carry those. I realize they aren't a wonderful choice, necessarily, but they kept me conscious without being non compliant.

Thanks for the raison tip.  I'm going to get some of those mini boxes for when I go low.  I'm really looking forward to knowing my metabolic panel numbers in a couple of weeks when I see my doc.

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Bumping this thread because my husband is a T2 diabetic whose A1Cs have been increasing so we are now doing the Whole 30 together to get him back on track. To this point I've been relatively hands off about helping him, but a year of stress and bad dietary habits later, I've learned I need to be much more involved. 

I'm most nervous about potential blood sugar drops as he sticks with the plan. We are meeting with an endocrinologist later this week for a couple of different things, so the Whole30 strategy is on my list to ask about. Anyone have some first hand experience with this who can offer pre-emptive tips?

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Booting this up - a load of valuable info on this thread for those on T2, and those who cook for them. :D

My husband (T2) has been pretty much off the insulin since we started this W30 journey (used 3x in 21 days!).  I am hoping he'll be able to cut down on his Januvia and Glimpride (sp?) pills over time. His nighttime #s are +/- 150, while his morning#s are usually close to the nighttime #s.  He went to his endo last week, and since this doctor is a pill-pusher, the response to the dietary changes was lukewarm<_<(but was happy to see the #s change for the better).  We explained that the pills were a financial burden (not to mention physically questionable), and it would be best for my husband to use diet and healthy natural supplements to control the #s. So the endo wants him to get another round of bloodwork in a month, and try a cheaper pill:rolleyes:.  My husband has been taking cinnamon, fenugreek, B vitamins, along with several other supplements, and found even before W30 that they affected his #s in a good way.  When we see the #s drop further, that's when he'll start reducing the prescription pill count.

He is a lifelong carpenter, and has a very physical job - so he needs to have snacks in addition to his lunch during the day. His snack choices are good - celery with sunflower butter, avocados, hard boiled eggs. Lunches are usually leftovers from our dinners - or he'll make chicken salad with lettuce wraps. He has lost several pounds (Dr. app't last week), and is feeling good, energy-wise. He's not particularly overweight (6'2.5" 218lbs), but he is barrel-chested, so looks heavier than the #s indicate.

Another suggestion I found in my online searching is increasing consumption of fermented foods. The beneficial bacteria has positive effects (for everyone, really), and so I'll be  adding sauerkraut and pickled veggies to our diets.  (Ugh....hope the combo of 'kraut with the HB eggs isn't too deadly! :wacko:)

I have noticed, though, that I need to hide the dates - he has always had a wicked sweet tooth, and I see him hitting the package without thinking. :unsure: 



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  • Whole30 Certified Coach
On 6/18/2019 at 2:06 AM, Cece J. said:

So glad I found this thread. I’m T2 and starting W30 in the recommendation of my boss’s Wife. (They are starting their 3rd round.)

My hope is that I can get off meds, and walk away with lasting tools to eat healthy (I want a divorce from sugar).

I am so happy for you! I think you'll be very pleased with the effects of Whole30 on your diabetes! As a reminder, we always recommend diabetics working closely with their physician as eating differently will alter your blood sugar and you may not need the same dosing of your medication as you do now.  Wishing you the best!

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