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Whole 30 #2, day one


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Hi all!

I did the August whole30 and while I had very little changes to body comp, if any, I can feel my blood sugar issues are resolved! I've still maintained very nearly whole 30 since. I've had a little soy sauce, a little dressing at a restaurant, apple gate farms bacon...but I've maintained the meal template, and the three daily meals. This past weekend was my first real off-road. I went to a wedding out of town. Stayed on plan tight up,till the party sat night. Had two cocktails and no meat (veg wedding). But, I was able to stay dairy free,and I hada slice of gluten fee cake. The cake made me higher than the vodka sodas! The next day at lunch I had a compliant salad with shrimp, but then followed it with a piece of cake. That was a mistake, and not nearly as conscious as the other choices. I felt eager to get back to normalcy. Eating this way, cooking, etc., has become pretty easy. I am hoping that by keeping it up the weight will start to come off. I have about 40 lbs to lose. so, today was day one. I am relieved that my weekend didn't seriously disrupt my progress against ugar demons.

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