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Starting to see NSV


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Well today is day 10 for hubby and I  and  we're both really excited because we're both starting to notice some really positive changes. 

He has major swelling and inflammation in his legs and feet and usually takes Alieve and a glucosamine product to be able to be pain free as of yesterday he said he hadnt needed it for the last five days which is really big for him. He's also able to make it through the day with out his 5 hour energy he'd been taking to get through his 12/14 hour work days. 

I'm sure he's also losing weight because I can see it in his face but as he has a substancial amount to lose I think that is to be expected when you start getting better nutrition.


As for me I haven't had a single bout of indigestion or needed Tums or a Zantac in the last 10 days.


Now, I'm looking forward to the next NSV!!!


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