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Extended Breastfeeding and First Whole30


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Officially starting a 3-week prep for my very first Whole30. I've been 80% Paleo for the past 2.5 months but want to do as much emotional/psychological prep as I possibly can before getting started after Labor Day. Having tried every diet in the whole world, I realize now that food is only a small part of the issue. So much more of my relationship with food has to do with my emotional connection to it, my addiction to sugar and carbs, and my inability to handle stress without the numbing affect of a plateful of munchies.


Trigger foods:

- cashews

- dried fruit (dates, pineapple, apricots, cherries, strawberries)

- chocolate (especially anything that includes fruit or nuts)

- simple carbs and sugars (pasta, bread, muffins, cookies, cakes, etc)


Triggering events/emotions:

- stress and anxiety

- grumpy child

- too little sleep

- dehydration (still need 2-3L of water as long as G is nursing)

- too much TV time

- getting too hungry without having a filling meal planned

- reading other food journals (too critical of what I eat in comparison, too much of a competition)

- too much time on Facebook/Instagram

- spending time with family (this is a big one because so many of my eating behaviors stem from childhood experiences - always seeking more of everything whether it was attention or snacks - and is brought up again when I see my family).


I'm hoping to spend the next few weeks leading up to my Whole30 experimenting with skipping dessert, sticking to 3 meals a day, adding in positive habits like drinking lemon water and bone broth, and developing an exercise routine. I'm also going to journal most of what I eat, how it makes me feel, and my thoughts on my upcoming Whole30 journey. 

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