How to get your child eating healthy food!


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I wrote this article over the weekend about how to get your kids involved in eating, good, real food. I've had some nice feedback from it, so thought I would share it with some like minded folks!

I have some ideas where to get your veg in without them noticing, within the article too.

Let me know what you think


Red :)

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Good article Red! I too work hard to get my son (4 years old) to eat healthy. I agree with you that it is good to let them eat "treats" I call them when he is at a friends house or a party or out to dinner. I don't want to restrict so much that when he is old enough to make his own choices that he will go crazy. But at home I just don't buy processed food. (maybe with a few exceptions) It makes me laugh when people see us out and my son is eating a snack (cut up veggies) and they will say "good job Mom! How do you get him to eat that?" Um, that is what we have to eat so therefore if he is hungry he eats it. I just started Paleo in Dec. so he was already eating fishy crackers and some processed food when I had to remove that stuff from his diet so it has been a challenge but I'm a believer that if you just stick with it eventually they will get it. When we are out and about I always take snacks that are veggies, avocado, olives, fruit, sometimes nuts, etc. I find if you are hungry enough veggies taste really good even though given a choice of chips or veggies you might not pick veggies as your favorite. I thought your article had some great ideas and it is nice to read about other peoples experiences and suggestions. I have a 7 month old daughter so I'm going to start her eating right from the beginning and hopefully it won't be so hard.

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Oh and also I find it helpful to teach them why they are eating the stuff they are eating and why we choose not to eat processed foods. A lot of times my son will say "is this good for you mommy?" It doesn't mean that every time he is faced with a chance to eat a cookie he says "no thank you those aren't good for me" but we are teaching moderation with the splurges and I think that helps a lot!

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