Whole30 first timer -- Start date Aug. 10th


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Whitney here!!


I started this on Monday not viewing it as a diet / crash challenge to see if I could lose a pound a day or two pounds a week or obsessing over the scale. I started this because my body was physically telling me it was time to take control and take care of myself. I don't have any major health problems yet but my family history shows if I don't change my eating habits now I will have problems.


So how did I hear about Whole30??? A girl I used to play volleyball with in college (steph) started the challenge about 16 days ago, and she is still going strong! My old roommate and best friend (molly) then did it a week later because she was motivated from Steph also. After seeing both of them support each other, and knowing that have pretty much all of the same bad habits as me I knew I could do this too!!! The last two mornings my friend molly and I send each other fun motivational quotes to keep going. Snapchat also has been a motivating thing, we all snap each other both meals and funny things like ( a lady had a cart full of Coca Cola at Hyvee and then a bunch of chips; then a caption put on "she is not on whole30" LOL)


I have tried just about everything, I even had very good success with weightwatchers about 3 years ago when I was down to my all time low with my weight. Life happened in between breaking up with a very serious boyfriend, the death of my father, and the list could go on. Just because these things happened does not mean I can allow myself to not take care of myself anymore. Lately I looked at myself in the mirror and could not recognize myself, I have been constantly demotivated and very exhausted. I am a fashionista and I just didn't even want to look for cute outfits/ clothes anymore knowing the sizes and loose fit I needed to start buying. All in the back of my head I kept telling myself I would change my habits soon and I still didn't. My breaking point was going to my cousins weddings last weekend where I was the personal attendant. My father's side of the family is very overweight and eat very unhealthy, but then also very happy people. I felt like I still was in the best shape of them all and I am not in shape at all !!! I told myself then that I will not let the wrong foods ruin my future life. I have career goals, relationship goals, and personal goals set for myself that I need to be around for. :)



Anyways I am excited, nervous, scared, hopefully for not just the next 28 days but for my life!



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