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Completed Whole 30

Jerry Koch

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My son, his best friend and I made a pact to start Whole 30 on July 13th while taking a cross country trip through the Great Northwest.. It was my son's 3rd "tour" and our first. 

My wife has been sick recently, so I had been doing a lot of the cooking, so she was coming along for the ride.

My early feelings were: (1) excitement, because it was time to start being accountable to what I was putting into my body; (2) anxiety, because I wasn't sure that I could pull this off; (3) curiosity, I had never spent too much time reading food labels or concentrated on how much sugar and preservatives were jammed into our foods; and (4) teamwork, because we took an oath that if anyone cheated, the other two had to fast a day (that never happened because none of us cheated).

We had a secret weapon in our commitment because my son's friend's brother, Brian, who we all loved, was dying of cancer and we committed as a prayer offering. Every time that we may have been tempted to cheat or compromise, we would laugh at ourselves - following Whole 30 was a snap compared to the pain and challenges that Brian and his lovely family were experiencing. We kept Brian posted and he actually got a kick out of the fact that we were not drinking, eating junk and "punishing" ourselves because of his tough journey.

So we ended this last Tuesday. I was floored when I stepped onto the scale on Wednesday and saw that I had dropped 18 pounds! My fit son had shed 10 and his buddy dropped 22 big ones. That was great, but more importantly feeling so much better, clothes fitting a lot better and our little band of brothers coming out on the other side of Whole 30 was a fountain of joy.

We we have committed to a next step, Whole 30-30 - another session of Whole 30 with a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. My daughter has jumped onto our jolly bandwagon for her 2nd session of Whole 30. Her enthusiastic type A personality is adding a whole new level of accountability, sharing menus and enthusiasm.

Oh, and my wife, too, is feeling much better, thank you very much.

Now we have two new feelings - confidence and annoying missionary zeal!

Thanks Whole 30 for your generous and supportive website, support and delivering an elevated joy to ourpost-76627-0-54657800-1439566462_thumb.j life.

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I have been reading many past and present Success Stories as motivation for me to get through these 30 days. This is one of my favorites, by far. I love your camaraderie. And the reminder that, compared to what others may be suffering, THIS IS NOT HARD.


So many blessings to you,


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