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30 Days of Health!!! Input/advice welcomed re: meal quality.


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Here are my meals for the past three days: 


Day 1:


BREAKFAST: 3 eggs  sautéed in olive oil w/ half a red pepper and kale 



Snack: 3 dates and Coffee


LUNCH: paprika olive oil sauteed chicken with avocado tomato salad (1 avocado one tomato)


Snack: Bone Broth


Really didn't feel good this afternoon. So little energy. Sugar withdrawal? 


SUPPER: pan-fried shredded pork with 2 fried eggs on top, fried potatoes with tarragon on vinegar, sautéed zucchini, marinated cucumbers



Day 2:

Breakfast: 1 whole avocado, 1/2 cups of blueberries >>>> (I know this isn't enough, but I ran out of eggs!!!! Going to store this afternoon)

Snack: 3 Dates (didn't eat enough for breakfast)

Lunch: sautéed chicken breast, turmeric chicken stew, half a banana

Snack: kombucha and cherries

Dinner: ground beefy patty, avacado, tomato fried egg, underrated organic applesauce, cherries 
Breakfast: Three eggs, scrambled with olive oil w/avacado and tomatoes


(Made it without snack!)


Lunch: Huge handful of kale sautéed w/mushrooms and olive oil, sweet potato w/cinnamon, unsweetened applesauce, 3 fried eggs (STUFFED)


Dinner: Roast Chicken, sweet potato turnip hash with coconut oil, carrots cooked underneath roasted chicken, steamed green beans


Snack: Almond Butter


I can't seem to stop snacking


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After a meal, I'm always satisfied and pleasantly full, but then I'm consistently hungry at least an hour before each meal and go for a snack. Am I mistaking hunger for appetite? Does it look like I'm eating enough.


I am 5' 4" female and weighed 150 at the start of this. I'm doing it for increased energy, to serve my family better and to become a runner again. I was up to 50 miles a week before my youngest's birth 6 months ago! I so miss feeling that drive to run. 

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Snacks on the Whole30, while discouraged, should be comprised of at least two of the three meal template elements: protein/vegetable/fat. Avoid eating fruit by itself, only eat it as part of or with a meal to avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes. From what I've seen the mods say, dates are pretty close to candy on a Whole30 and should be avoided entirely....unless perhaps in a recipe. 


If you feel hungry in between meals, have a mini-meal with 2 of the 3 elements, then you know that you need to make your next meal bigger, eventually bringing you to the point where you no longer need to eat in between meals, and you meals keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours. 


Hope these things help you to make your Whole30 the best it can be!!

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If you need snacks, that's usually a sign that you should try to make your meals bigger. And as fmr_sailor said, try having mini meals rather than just fruit.


Are you exercising? If you are, be sure to have at least a post-WO of a little bit of lean protein and a little bit of starchy vegetable -- just a few bites of chicken breast and a few bites of sweet potato would work, like 1/2 a meal or less.


Are you still nursing your six-month-old? If so, just go ahead and plan for four meals a day, you need more food while nursing.



A serving of eggs, when they're your only source of protein, is as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, so probably at least three, maybe four or five -- I notice your breakfast on day four, you went down to two, and your lunch just one egg. But, you might find that you stay more satisfied if instead of having more eggs, you have some eggs, and some other protein.  Make up some breakfast sausage or just use some leftovers.


You could also probably stand to up your vegetables at most meals. One cup of them would be the minimum, aim for three cups at each meal. Fruit is okay to have sometimes, but be sure you're not letting fruit push vegetables off your plate.

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Looks like there's a severe lack of fat with your day 1 meals. Day 2 and 3 look better, but it's hard to tell how much you're adding to each meal. Fat is SO important for helping to keep you full and helping to keep your blood sugar even so that you're not crashing and wanting to snack all the time. Remember that even if you saute something in oil or another fat, a lot of that fat stays in the pan and doesn't make it onto your plate and in your stomach. So try to be really conscious about adding a fat directly to your plate--avocado, olives, or drizzling something over your veggies or protein. You can do olive oil on your veggies, drizzle ghee over a hot protein (restaurants usually finish a steak by topping w/ hot butter), add a dollop of mayo or coconut butter to a sweet potato, etc.

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Day Five (what i can remember):

Breakfast: sweet potato latkes with fried eggs, lots of avacado oil drizzled on top

Lunch: Shredded Pork Guacamole, Salad

Dinner: Salad, Mushroom Soup, Kombucha, plums (not hungry at all)



Day Six (what I can remember):


Breakfast: Half an Avocado:

Lunch: Sweet Potato Latkes, 3 eggs, coconut milk/espresso/ice mixture, kombucha

Supper: Grilled Chicken Thigh, Watermelon, Grilled potatoes

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Are you getting in at least 3 meals a day lately?

Note that when eggs are your protein, the recommended serving size is the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand without dropping them. For most folks, that's 3-4 eggs.

Also, for best results, have 1-3 cups of vegetables at every meal. Avocado is a fat.


Here is the Whole30 meal template, for your review. 

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