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Messed up reintro period = another Whole30?


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I planned to do the reintro schedule as written after my recent Whole60—and then stress happened! I blew my clean slate (and the worst part is, it sooo wasn't worth it!). That was a week and a half ago. I've been living Whole30 since then, with the exception of two servings of rice.

I've done Whole30 lots of times over the past almost-three years, and I've done an as-written reintro twice. I want to test some foods again because my context has changed, my tastes have changed, and the last time I did the reintro schedule, I had some preconceived notions about which foods would be okay for me and which wouldn't.

I consistently feel awesome after 5-7 days of strict Whole30. Is that feeling enough of a green-light to test some off-plan foods (one at a time, in a controlled fashion, of course)? Or do I need another 30 days to clean my slate again?

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