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Do I REALLY need to start over?!


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Okay, so it's day 7, and I thought I was being so good on my beach trip. I brought a bunch of compliant, portable food including a couple of 2.5 ounce pouches of Bumble Bee tuna. I read the ingredients before purchasing and it read: white tuna, water, vegetable broth, salt, pyrophosphate added. Then, later at the beach, after I had eaten one pouch and was almost finished with the second I noticed that under the ingredient list it said: Contains: Tuna, soy. What the heck?! If it contains soy, why isn't that in the ingredients? Is it like when things say "may contain tree nuts" because they are packaged somewhere that has tree nuts and there might be trace amounts that make their way in and they have to list that in case someone is allergic? I'm wondering if I should start over again. As I'm thinking about it, if it says "contains soy" because the tuna may contain trace amounts of soy because it was packaged somewhere that also packages soy products it seems like I wouldn't need to start over. Because it's also okay to order something at a restaurant, say a sandwich that comes with cheese and then just scrape the cheese off, right? Thoughts on this?

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