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Weekend victory - Just proved to myself that I am committed to W30


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Yesterday I encountered my first nay-sayers towards the W30 program as well as an individual giving me crap about not drinking (although he was even more shocked after I said I hadn't drank since June). The individual that is questioning the program agrees that there is nothing wrong with eating this way, it's after the 30 days that she seems to think, "What? You just go back to the old habits and ways of eating? What good is that?" I tried to explain that the W30 program isn't just what you put in your bod being "upgraded" to all the good foods, fats and proteins that you should be eating but also a change in the way you think and feel about food...but I think you really have to read the ISWF and get on these forums to truly understanding of what W30 really can do for you. I also tried to explain that, but was met with an attitude that I automatically recognized as a lack of understanding and jealousy. I often would have the same attitude when someone else talked about a new "Diet" they were trying and all the wonderful testimonials and things that were supposed to happen on said program. I was usually jealous that they had the courage and will power to try or complete a new program that promised to do such great things to make them more healthy. I very much think this was the case. I don't regret starting this program and I know I will finish it without any slipups...I am too motivated to see if this will help me with the issues I have been struggling with (some for just a few months, others for more than a decade). 


My other friend who is considering trying the program for health reasons said that she would have the most problems with giving up dairy. I said "don't get me wrong, I LOVE cheese and ice cream." -thanks to ISWF I know the following- "But there is absolutely nutritional reason to consume dairy after being weened when you are a baby." They didn't argue (one of the people I was talking to had actually studied nutrition), but I did get the feeling they thought I might have drank some "kool-aid". My one friend did say, she didn't know if she would be able to give up milk 100% during the W30 and I said (which I was extremely proud of) "well, than you won't be doing the program. You can't cheat and you can't make up rules of your own." She had asked how much weight I had lost b/c I looked like I was slimming down (granted, I don't need to lose weight as I am already pretty tiny...) I said "IDK, you aren't allowed to weigh yourself for the 30 days of the program". The other girl said, "oh, well you can measure your circumference then..." I said "nope, can't do that either. This isn't about tracking your weight loss as much as about teaching you how to have a better relationship with food. Plus, while your body gets used to the new way you are eating, you could go up and down in both weight and size and scare yourself into quitting. It's about focusing on the non-weight victories like how you feel and energy levels, not what you weigh." Not sure that anything landed on one of them... but I know that even though my energy levels are still kind of all over the place and that I still get dizzy and brain fog (although it is much less than prior to the program) that I am feeling better. My relationship with food is turing to the positive. I am not scared of fat like I used to be...I see food as a way to nourish and heal my body, not comfort or reward me. (although the cravings still come up... like ice cream...that is a monkey that will be the hardest to completely get out of my system). 


I am proud that I didn't just dodge the questions and not standup for what I truly see happening with the program. I am proud that I went to the uncomfortable zone in the convo how you can't cheat or you aren't doing the program. I am proud that I was able to shrug off the criticism that was thrown toward me and W30 (bc normally, other people's opinions would have a huge influence on what my opinion was, despite my own research, experiences and knowledge.) I am proud that despite the fact that yesterday I felt like a looked exceptionally crappy and felt a bit down about myself, that I am able to step back and realize that 1. it is 3 days before my cycle should start and often times I have this feeling 2. My body is going through tremendous changes and learning how to process my newly found nutritionally foods 3.I know hormones play a HUGE role in my perceptions of myself and my situations. 


My friend said that I look healthier yesterday...she couldn't exactly identify what it was...but just healthier. So despite the fact that I think I am not looking that great, there is something going on that is making me look like a healthier version of myself. And that is definitely a positive step.


I am only on Day 10...and I am excited to see what the next 20 days have in store.  


Thank you to everyone that has been replying to my questions and threads and all those who are courageously sharing their stories and victories. This community has been one of the biggest influences on keeping my moving forward and believing in myself. You all are angels to me.  :rolleyes: 

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That's awesome - thanks for sharing!  I am on day 16 and a few months ago, I too was skeptical of this program.  A friend had tried it with great success and I just kept doubting whether or not it was too restrictive (setting myself up for failure - giving up sugar and dairy).  I feel the same way as you though that it has changed my relationship with food and also the way I think about "healthy fat."  I am learning that I need to eat enough food or I do run into an afternoon slump and that breakfast must be prioritized.  Not to the tiger blood phase yet, but have seen other positive changes.  Thanks again for sharing your story and wish you the best during the remainder of your whole30!

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