Back in the Saddle Again!


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Anyone else starting their Whole 30 today? I'm going on my 3rd Cycle. Getting psyched to achieve great results and getting back on track towards my end goal - easing off maintenance meds  for blood sugar management for good at the end of the year, consistent energy and overall feeling of living a healthy life. 


Just got back from a 4 week vacation travelling all over France, which was wonderful (though not particularly the best Whole 30 environment with its abundance of cheese, wine, croissants, creamy sauces, and people who love to eat good food!)  I made the decision to just have fun and not worry too much about sticking to the program and vowed to get back on track when I got home. Although I did stop ordering dessert after week 2, and skipped the bread basket .) I didn't feel bad during the vacation, but I did have a few stomach issues after the rich cheeses. I also missed the level of energy I had while being Whole 30 -compliant.


I've been missing the feeling of eating clean, the sense of accomplishment from prepping and cooking healthy meals for me and my family, the energy and just the feeling of well-being.  So here we go!  Best of luck to everyone starting today as well.


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